Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguff 77. 1662. x61 which I would leave as advice and counfel with you about your fouls. Firft, /befeech you, keep your confiant hours every day with God,the godly man is a man fet apart, Pfal. 4.. 3. not only becaufe God hath let himapart by eleetion,but becaufe he hath fet him felfa part by devotion.Give God the AurmePlant, begin the day with God,vifite God in the morning before youmake any other vifit ; wind up your hearts towards Heaven in the morning, and they will go the better all theday after. 0 turn your Clofets in- to Temples : read the Scriptures : the two Teftaments are the two Lips, by which God fpeaks to us: there will make you wife unto falvation : the Scripture is both a glals to thew you your fpots, and a laver towafh theni away ; befiege Heaven every day with prayer : thus perfume your !Ionics, and keep a conftant in- tercourle with Heaven. Secondly, Get good books in your houfes : when you have not the fpring near to you, then get water into your Ciftern fo when you havenot that wholefome preaching that youdefire, good books are Cifferns that hold the waters of life, in them to refrethyou. WhenDavids natural heat was taken away, they co- vered him with warm cloaths, 'King. i. fo when you find a chil- nefs upon your fouls,,and that your former heat begins to abate, ply your felves with warm cloaths, get thole good books that may acquaint you with fuch truths as may warm and affe& your hearts. Thirdly, Have a care of your company, take heed ofunne- ceffary familiarity with finners; we cannot cetch health from a- nother, but wemay loon cetch a difeafe : the difeafe of fin is ve- ry caching, I would be as fraid ofcoming among the wicked, as among thole that have the plague, Pfal. 106. 35. They were mingled with the Heathen, and learned their works : If we cannot make others better,let us havea care that theymake not us worfe. Lot was a miracle, he keeps freth in S°doors falt water. My be- loved, take heed ofthe occafions of fin, evil company is an oc- cafion offin. The Nazarites in the Law, as they might drink no wine, fo they were forbidden grapes, whereof the wine was made, as you read in Numb. 6. to teach us, that all occafions of fin mutt be avoided. Evil company is belluo annim (grunt, the De- vils draw-net, by which he draws millions to Hell : Howmany families, and how many fouls, have been ruined and undone in this City by evil company ? many there are that go from a Play- houfe to a Whore.houfe, and from a Tavern to Tyburn. Fourthly,