Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

.64 Dr. WatfO n's afternoon Sermon, fweeter it fings and the higher the heart is railed above the world,thefweeter joy it h:ith. The Eagle that flies in the air, is not flung by the Serpent, thole whole hearts are elevated above the lower Region ofthis world, are not flung with vexations and dilquietments that others are, but are full of joy and content- meats. ro. Trade such in the promifes, the promifes are great fop. ports to faith, faith lives in a p nonlife, as the fifh lives in water; the promifes Are both comforting and quickening, they are mi. tralia Evedgelti, the very breafts of the Golpel; as the child by fucking the bre5fts gets ftrength, fo faith by fucking the breaft of a prornife gets ftrength and revives: The promifes of God are bladders to keep us from finking; when we come into the waters ofaffli6tion, the promifes are fweet duffers of grapes, that grow upon Chrift the trueVine. U trade much in the pro- miles, there is no condition that you can be in, but you have a promife 5 the promifesare like Manna, that lute themfelves to e- very Chriflians palate. 1. Toall you that hear me, live in a calling. jeronz gave his Friend this advice, to be ever well employed, that when the Devil came to tempt him, he might find himworking in his Vineyard. Sure I am the fame God that faith, Remember the Sabbath-day to keep it holy, faith alfo, Six dayes fhalt thou labour. The great God never leafed any warrants to idlenefs,an idle pro- feflbr, is the [bailie of his profeffion; 2Thef. 3. r 1. Ihear there are come, (ayes the Apoftle, That wort not at all, bnt are bury-bodies : fuck we exhort by our Lord jeells Chriii, that with quietnefs they work. Solon made Laws to punifh idlenefs; and Cicero faith of an idle man, Spiritual trabit, non vivit, he draws his breath, but doth not live; he is not rueful, but a goodChriftian aecs within the fphere of his own calling. 12. Let me intreat you to joyn the firft and the fecond Table together, piety to God, and equity to your Neighbour, the Apo- ftle puts there two words together in one verie,ol.exdie, iticrOcof :Titus 2. 12. That wefhould live rigloteollfly andgodly: rignteotifly, that relates to morality ; godly, that re aces to pietyand fanetity: alwayes remember this, every Command bath the fame Divine ftamp and authority, as another Command bath.. I would try a, moral man by theduties of the firft Table, and I would try a prof-elf-or by the duties of the fecond Table ; Some pretend faith, but have no works : others have works, but they have no faith : Some pretend zeal for God, but are not jult in their dealing ,.5 o- thers