Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguit r7. 1662. 165 thers are juff in their dealings,but havenot one fpark ofzeal for God. Ifyou would go to heaven, you muff run both fides of the Table; the firfi andfecOnd Table, joynpiety and morality toge- ther; as we blame the Papilts for blotting out the fecond Com- mandment, let not the Papifis blame us for leaving not out the fe- cond Table. 13. Joyn the Serpent and the Dove together, innocency and prudence, Mat. i 0. 16. Be wife as Serpents,andharmlefs as Doves, We muff hare innocencywith our wifdom, elle our wifdom is but craft inefs;& we muff have wild ome with our innocencie, ells our innocencie is but weaknefs : We muff have the harmlefnefs of the Dove, that we may not wrong others, and we muff have the prudence ofthe Serpent, that others may not abule and cir- cumvent us, nor towrong the truth by filence. Here is the inno- cencie of theDove, not to betray our felves by rafhnels ; here'S thewifdom of the Serpent : how happy it is where there two are tnited,the Dove and theSerpent; the Dove without. the Serpent is fol lv, and the Serpent without the Dove is impietie. 14. Be moreafraid of fin then offuffering; A manmay be affii- fted, and yet have the love of God, but he cannot fin, but pre- lently God is angry, fin eclipfes the light of Gods countenance, in Coffering the conlcience may be quiet. When the hail beats upun the Tiles, -there may be mufick in the houfe ;and_when there is Coffering in the bodie, there may bepeace and mufick in the confcience ; but when a man fins wilfully and prefumptu- oufly, he loofeth all his peace. Spira abjured his faith, and he became a terrour tohimfelf, he could not endure hitnielf;he pro- felled he thought Cain and Judas in hell did not feel thole ter hours andhorrours that he felt. He that will .commit fin to pre- vent fuffe ring, is like a man that let's his head be wounded, to lave his thieldand his Helmet. 15. Take heed of Idolatry, t Yoh. 5. 21.. Little children keep, your felves from Idols. Idolatry is an image of jealoufie to pro- . yoke God, it breaks the marriage-knot a funder, and makes theLord difclaim his intereft in a_people.. What kind of Religi- on is Popery ? it is the Mother of many Monfters. What foul-, damning doetrines do it hold forth, as the meriting of falvation by good works, the giving of pardons, the worfhipping of An- gels, Popifh indulgencies, Purgatory, and the like ; iris a foul- damning Religibn, it is the breeder of Ignorance, unclean -. nets and Murder: the Popith religion is not defended by ftrength ofArgument, but by forceof Arnas.Keep your Ickes from, Idols, and