Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

166 Mr. Watfon's after-noonSermon. and take heed of Superftition, that is thepentleman -ufher to Popery. i6, Think not the wade of Godlinefs becaufe it is reproached and perfecuted, wicked men being flirred up by the Devil, do malicioufly reproach the wayes ofGod : fuck were Julian and Lacian. Though wicked men would be godly on their Death beds, yet in the timeof their life they revile and hategodlinefs, but thinknot you the worfe of Religion becaufeit is reproached by the Wicked. Suppofe a Virgin fhould be reproached for her Chatti ty, yet Chaftity is never the worfe ; ifa blind man jeer the Sun, the Sun is never the fiefs bright. Holinefs is a beautiful and glorious thing, it is the Angels glory, and than we be afhamed of that which makes us like the Angels ? There is a time coming when wicked men would be glad of fome of that holinels that mow they difpife, but they (hall be as far then fromobtaining it, as they are now from defiring it. 17. Think not thebetter offinne becaufe it is in fafhion ; think not the better ofimpiety and ungodlinels, becaufe molt walk in thole crooked Wayes ; Multitude is a foolifh Argument, Multi- tude doth not argue the goodnefs ofa thing ; the Devil's name is Legion, that fignifieth a multitude. Hell-Z;e1 is this day full of Travellers, efteem not the better of fin, becaufe moll go this way : do we think the better of the Plague, becaufe it is com- mon ? The plea of a Multitude will not hold out at Gods bar, when God (hall ask you, Why did you prophane mySabbath, why wereyoudrunk,why did you break your Oath?To fay then, Lord, becaufe moll men did fo, will be but a poor plea ; God will fay to you, then Peeingyou have finned with the multitude, you (hall now go to hell with the multitude. I befeech you as you tender your fouls,walkAntipodes to the corruptions of the times; ifyou are living fifh, fwimme againft the fiream, dead Fifh fwim down the fiream, Ephef. 5. I I. Have no fellowfhip with the unfruit- ful works of darknefs, but rather reprove them. i8. In the bufinefs ofReligion ferveGod with all.your might, Ecclef. 9.10. Whatfoever thy handfindeth to do,do it with thy might, for there is no worker device in the grave whether thougoejl. This is an Argument why we (hould do all we can for God; ferve him with all our ftrength, becaufe the Grave is very near, and there is nopraying, no repenting in thegrave ; our time is but (mall, and therefore our zeal for God (hould be great : David danced with all his might before the Ark,and fo fhould we a& vigoroufly for God in the fpherepfObedience, Rom. 1z. 12, fervent in fpi- rit