Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

168 Dr. Watfon's afternoon sermon. ,no fu riling. 0 I befeech you my brethren every day fpend fometime upon the thoughts of Eternity, The ferious thoughts of an Eternal condition would be a great means to promote Holiners. t. The thoughts of Eternity would make us very fei bout our Eon's. 0mySoul, thou art thortly to file into Eternity, a condition that can never be reverfed or altered ; how ferious would this make us about our Heaven-born fouls ; Zenxes being asked why he was fo long in drawing a Pi&ure,anfwered, xter- nitatipingo, I am nowpainting for Eternity. Oh how fervently would that man pray that thinks he is praying for Eternity. Oh how accurately and circumfpealy would that man live that thinks upon this moment hangs Eternity. 2. The thoughts ofEternity would make us flight and con- temn all the thingsof this World, what is the world tohim that hath Eternity always in his eye; Did we think ferioufly and lb- lemnlyof Eternity, we fhould never overvalue the comforts of theWorld, nor over-grieve at the croffesofthe World. I. We thould not over-value the comforts of the World; worldly comforts are very tweet, but they are very fwift, they are loon gone; the pleatitres ofthe world are but for a fealon, juts like Noah's Dove that brought an Olive-branch in her mouth, but the hadwings, and fo did prefenly flie from the Ark; fo are all outward comforts, they bring an Olivebranchlbut they have wings too with which they fly away. 2. The thoughts of Eternity would make us not to over- grieve the croffes and fiifferings of the world. What are thefe fufferings to Eternity; our fufferings lays the Apoftle, are but for a while, i Pet.5.i o. What are all the fufferings we can undergo in the world to Eternitie ; Affliecion may be fatting, but it is not everlaffing. Our fufferings here are not worthy to be com- pared toan Eternal weight ofglory. And thus my beloved,I have given you thefe Twentie dire&i - ons for your precious fouls :- I befeech you trealure them up as fo many ,Jewels in the Cabins of your breft: Did you carrie thee Dire&ions about you, they would be a molt excellent Antidote to keep you from Sin, and an excellent means to preferve the zeal ofPietie flaming upon the Altar of your hearts. I have many things yet to fay to yon, but Iknow not whether God will give me another Opportunitie ; my ftrength is now al- molt gone: Ibefeech you, let theft things which I have fpoken make