Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguit 19. 1662. 169 make deep impreflions upon all your fouls. Confider what ha& been Paid, and the Lord giveyou nderflanding in all things. ++44441 Mr. fratfon's SERMON. Aitsidi 19. 1662. .Iraiah 3.10, i r . Sayye furely it pallbe well with thejuff,for theypall eat the fruit of their works. Woe be to the wicked, it pall be evil withhim for the leward:ofhis handsfhall be with him. His Text iklike Ifraeli pillar or cloud : it hath a light fide, 11_ and a dark fide : it hath a light fide unto the Godly ; Say unto the righteous it (hallbe well with him ; and it hath a dark fide unto the wicked : Woe unto the wicked, it (hall be ill with him ; both you fee'are rewarded, righteous and wicked ; but here's a vaft difference, the one hath a reward ofmercy, the other a re- ward of juftice. I begin with the firft.ofthefe, Say unto the righteous it Pall be well with him. This Scripture was written in a very fad andcalamitous time, as you may read in the beginning ofthe Chapter,The mighty man, and the man of war pall ceafe ; the prudent and the ancient, both Judge andProphet (hall be taken away : this was a- very fad time with the Churchof God in jell:fa/ern. If the Judge be taken away, where will be any equity ? ifthe Prophet be removed, where will be any Priefts ? the whole body politick was running to ruin, and almoft in the rubbifh; now in this fad jun&ure of time, God would have his Text to be writ- ten : and it is like a rainbow in the clouds, God would have his people comforted in the midft of affii6tions. Say. unto the righte- ous itpall be well with him. The great propofition that lies in the words is this : that howfoever things go in the world, it (hall be well with the righ- teous man; this is an Oracle fromGods own mouth,and therfor e we are not to difpute it : it isGods own Oracle, fay unto the righ- teous it Pallbe well with him. I might multiply Scriptures, but I will give you one inftance, in the8th. of Ecdefialles i 2. Surely Iknow itpallbe well with them that fear God. I know it : it is a golden maxim not to be dirputed, it pall be well with them that fear God. For the illuftration of this, confider two.things. s. Wha t