Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Frodebed 1662 17t thejewel of a believers Crown; pardonof fin, is a multiplying mer- cy, it brings a great many mercies along with it : whom God par dons, he adopts ; whomGodpardons,he mvelts with Grace &Glory- So that this is a multiplying mercy ; it is fuch a mercy that it is. enough to make a fick man well, Ifa. 33. 24. The inhabitants {hall not fay I am tick, the people dial! be forgiven their iniquity, the fenfe of pardon takes away the fenfe of paine, and then it muff Leeds be well with the righteous, for his greateft evil is removed. 2. However things go, it is well with the righteous, becaule that God is his portion, Pfd. 16. 5. TheLord is the portion of my inheritancel the lines are fallen unto me in pleafant places : in God there are all good things to be found, and all that is in God, is engaged for the good of the righteous; his power is to help, and his wildom is to teach, and his fpirit is to fan&ify, and his mercy is to Cave. God is the righteous mans portion, and can God give a greater gift unto us than himfelf? God is a richportion,for he is theAngels riches; God is a Cafe and Pure portion, for his Name is a ftrong Tower; he is a portion that can never be fpent, for he is infiniteneis ; he is a portion can never be loft, for he is eternity;thou art my portion for ever, Pfal. 72. 26. and furely it is well with the righteous that hath God for his por- tion, is it not well with that man that is happy? why,ifGod be our portion, we are happy, Pfal. 144.15. Happy is thepeople whore God is the Lord. Thus I have cleared up the Dcarinal part, for the ufe to this. Here is abundance of comfort for every godly man, for every perfon ferrying God in his Congregation, God bath fentntie this day with a Commitlion to comfortyou. 0 that I might drop in-the Oyle of gladnefs into every broken heart, and rejoyce every troubled fpirit. 0 here is good news from Heaven, Say unto the righteous, it fball be well with him. But here is a queftion mutt be anfwered Yong fay to me, but how cloth this appear, that it (hall be well with the righteous ; for we often fee it is wortt with them in this world, he is deprived of his comfort many times, he lofes his very life in that quarrel, he is made the very reproach of the world often times, how then is it well with the righteous? To this I arifwer, Yet frill it is well with the righteous, though he meet with trouble in the world, and one follows on the neck of arliot her, yet it is well with the righteous, as will appear in thefe three or four particulars. Z 2 The