Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Mr. Watfon's Sermon., 1. What is meant by the Righteous man. 2. Why howfoever things go, it(hall be well with the Righteous. 1. Who is meant here by the righteous man. There is a three-fold righteournei, a legal righteournels : and lb "Vain in this fence was-raid to be righteous when he did wear the Robe of innocency : Adams heart did agree with the Law of God exaaly, as a well-made Dial goes with the Sun, but this r ighteoufheis is forfeited and loft. 2. There is a moral righteoufirefs, and thus he is laid to be righteous, who is adorned with the moral verttaes, who is pru- dent, and juff, and temperate, who is decked with the jewel of morality ; But, 3. There is an Evangelical righteoufnefs, and this is meant here : this Evangelical righteoufners is two-fold. I. There is a righteoufnefs of imputation, and that is when Chrifts righteoufnefs is made over to us : and Beloved this Righ- teoufnefs is as truly ours to juflifie us, as it is Chrifts to beftow upon us. 2. There is a righteoufnefs of implamation, which is no- thing elfe, but the infufing of the feed and habit of Grace into the heart : a plantingof holiners in a man, and making him a partaker of the Divine nature: this is to be righteous in the fight ofGod, a righteoufnefs of imputation, and a righteouf- nefs of implamation. The fecond thing is to thew you why howfoever things go in the world, yet it (hall be well with this righteous man ; it muff be this for two reafons. i . Becaufe he who is righteous, hath his greateff evils remo- ved, his fin pardoned, and then it Muff needs be .well-with him fin is the throne in a mans conscience : nowwhen the throne is pluckt out by forgivenefs and remiffion, then, it is well with that man. Forgivenels in Scripture is called a lifting off of fin, yob. 7. Lord why doff thou not lift off myfin ? So the Hebrew word carryes it, it is a Metaphor taken from a weary marrthat goes under a burden, he is ready to fink under it: how another man comes and lifts offthis burden : even fodoth the great God. When the burden of finis ready to fink the conscience," God lifts off this burden from the conrcience, and lays it on Chrifts ihoulder, and he carrys it now ; he that hath his burden thus Carried, it is well with him howfoever things go. ,fforgiveners of fin andpardon, it is a crowning biding, it is the