Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Mr. Watfon's Sermon Augua 19. :177 Secondly, as deathputs an end to a (inners mirth, fo it lays a foundation for all his borrow : alas, before death begins to dote a (inners eies, the eye of his confcience is Lift opened, every In at the hour ofdeath flands with its drawn fword in its hand: thole fins that did in life delight him, now they affright and ter- rifle him, all his joy and mirth turns into fadneffe : as tometimes you have feen Sugar lying in a damp place, it doth diffolve and run to water, thusall the fugared ;oyes ofa wicked man at the hour ofdeath turns into Water, into the Water of Tears, into the Water of Sorrow. Third'y,it (hall be ill with the wicked man at thedayofjudge- rn cut, when he is feated before Gods Tribunal,then he (hall leave judging of others, and (hall ftand at Gods Bar and be tryed for his life. 1 Read concerning Felixwhen he heard Paul fpeak of Judge- client, that Felix trembled. jofipbus obferves that Felix he was a wicked man, and (he that lived with him, her name was Drstfilla, whom he enticed from her Husband,and lived in uncleaneffe with her, nowwhen Felix heard Paul preaching of judgement trem- bled. Now if he trembled to hear ofjudgement, what will he do when judi,ement COrlieF, when all his fecret fins fhall he tirade ma- nifeft, all his Midnight wickedneffe (hall be written on his fore- head as with the pointofa Dianaond.At the dayofjudgement be thefe two things. Firfl., There null be a legal Tryal. Secondly, The fentence. Firft, A legal Tryal : Godwill call forth a firmer by name, and fay, ftand forth, hear thy charge, fee what thou ear& anfwer to this charge. What canft thou fay far thy Sabbath-breaking,for thy !northers and drunkenneffe, and perjury ? for all thy revenge and malice ? for all the pet fecutingof my Members? what don thou fay Guilty or not Guilty ? Thou IN etch, thou dare not fay thou art not Guilty; for have not I been an eye-witnefle to all thy wickedneffe ? do not the books agree, the book ofehy. Confzience and the book ofmy Om- nifcience, and dar eft thou offer to plead kot Guilt) ? How will the finner be arrazed with horror, and run into del aration Second' y,after this legal proceffe or tryal follows the fentence, Go .ye curled into everlalling fire, What to go tram the pretence of Chrift, in whole pretence is fulneffe of joy, to go fram Chrift with a Curie. Whyfaith Chr)foitotn, that very ;Pord, depart ;. it w°rie A a then