Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

178 irlir.WAtfon's SermonAuguft. then the torment it fell: And remember this, you that go one in your fins, when once this fentence is paft it cannot be reverted: this is the moft fupreatn Court ofjudicature, from wit eh is no appeal. Here one earth men remove their cauCes fr om oneCourt ontoanother: from the Common Law unto the Chancery: ohbut at the Taft day of judgements no appea's, to removing the fen- tence, for this is the higheft Court. 4. It will be ill with the wicked that die in their fins after the d ty of judgement : oh then there is but one way, and vier would be glad they might not go that way : any way but to priCon. but there is no way but to Hell,Luk.16. 23. InHell he lifted up his ryes. HellAis the very center of mifery,'tis the vey ftl'rits of tor- !rents diftilledout; The Scripture tells us that in. Hell there are thee thcee thing-: there is Fire, there Prr .s .,,taere are Chains. He is called a place ofD.:rime/4 hide 13. To whom is refir- ved blacknefs ofdoknefi Darkneffe you know the wort tricorn- fortable thing in the world : a man that goes in the dark, he trembleth every Rep, he goeth. Hell is a black Region, nothing but blackneffe of d.trkneffe:. and it muff needs be a dark place where they (hall be fepa:-ated from the light of Gods pretence. Wee 1 Augufline he thinks thereMall be Come little fulphurous light there, but fuppore it to be tb, that light will Cerve onely that the damned may fee the. tragedyoftheir own mifery, and fee themielves tormented. 2. Ix Hell, as there is darknefs, fo there is fire, it is called a bltrning lake, Rev. 2. IS. Who was notPund written. in the books, of life was thrown into the Lake offire. You know that fire is the- moft torturing llement, it makes the molt dreadful imprellion on the tiefil. Now Hell is a place offire. It is difputed among the learned, what kind of fire it is, and I ifh we may never know what kind offire it is. tAttgufiine ando- thers affi m, that it is material fire, but far hotter than any fire rpon our Hearths, that is but painted fire compared, with this. But I dh rather think that the fireofthe damned it is partly ma- terial, a jd paa tly fpiritual , partly material to work on the body,. an.! partly 1piritual, which is the wrath of God to torment the foul, that is the lake,,the burningfie. 0:1 who knows the power ofGods anger ! who can dwell with thefe burnings ! it is intolle- rable to endure them, andimpoffible to eicape them. 3. inHell thereare chains, chains ofda tskneffe. Thore fanners that would not be bound by any Law of God, fuch (hall have chains of darkneffe to bind them. Qefi. Tnat.fh.-141 be the meanilgaf that phrafr,C1-4'nf dackneft?. Anfry