Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Mr. ,Watfon's Sermon Aug. 19. 179 ainftr. I fuppole it may be this, to intimate unto us, that the wicked in Hell than not have power to walk up and down, which perhaps n ight be a little cafe, though very little,but they (hall be chaineddown fait; not to fir : they (hall be faftned to that flake with chains ofdarknefs. Oh this w ill be terrible indeed. Suppofe a man (bored lie always ona Down-bed, and might not fir out of the pace, it would be very gainful unto him : Oh but to lie as the-damned upon the wrack, always-under the torturing Icorc:1- ings of Gods wrath, and tobe eyed, and not to move,how dread- fat are the thoughts ofthis ? and this is the condition of the wick- ed, they are under fit e, and and chains. And to add unto the tor ment of Hell , there are there two things more to thew you, that it (hall be ill with the wicked, let theni die when they will. Theail it is the Worm. The fecond is the Serpent. Firft, there is a worm to torture the damned fpirits, and this no other than thewormof Confcience, Mark9. 44. Where thtre .wortnr never dyeth. Ohhow dreadful! will it be to have this worm ! Melanlion calls' the tormenting con icience AHeCifh Fury. Con. fcience will be juff as if a worm full- of poyfon were feeding on the heart of a man. Thofe (inners that would never hear the voice of Confcience, they (hall feel the worm ofC6nfcience. And then Secondly, as there is the wormto torment, fo there is theSer- pent, that is the Devil, who is called the Old Serpent. Rev. 9. As there is the biting of the worm, fo there is the Ringing of the old Serpent. Fiat ofall the damned (hail be forced to behold the devil, I re member what Anfelm faith, faith.he, Ihad rather endureall the tor- ments ofthis life, than tofie the Devil with bodily cies : But now this fight the wickednull fee whether they will or no,and not only fee but,they (hall feel the flingingof this oldSerpent the Devil. Satan is full ofrage again(( mankind, and will thew no mercy ; ai be puts forth all his fithtilty in temptingofman, Co he puts our all his cruelty in tormenthag of Mankind : And this is not all, There are two things more tofit out the torments ofRI. thefe Agonies,and hell-conv lfions they (hall be forever: take that Scripture for proof,Rev.4.II. And thejiivakoftheir tor- ment afiended for ever and ever : and they have no reft day n r Thus it is in Hell, they would die but they cannot : the wicked (hall be always dying but never dead, the imoak, of the furnace afcends for e:er and ever. 0:1 who can endure thus to be ever upon the wrack ?Thi$ word err breaks the heart. A a 2 Wicked