Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

8 Preached Auguti 17. 1662. Lordhis God. Jehofaphat was in a great (trait, 2 Chron. 20. 12. We know not what to do, faith he: this was a (trait of danger, not caul- ed by his fin; and God quickly delivered him : but the ftrait that Davidwas in, was carded by his fin, and that made it fo bitter. I am loath to enlarge here: Saint Paul was in a great (trait, Phil. 3.23. but this was a bleffed {trait, an Evangelical (bait, faith Saint Ch. ryroilome, He knew not whether to die for his own fake, or to livefor the C/'urches fake, were bell he was willing to adjournhis going to Heaven for the good ofthe people of God. Nay, Chrift was in a ftrait, Luke 12. I 5. I have a Baptifm to be Baptized withal, and how am I ftraitned till it be accomplifhed ? I am to flied myblood for my Ele& : that is the Baptifm he (peaks of. This was a halt of dear affeaion to the Elea of God : all there were !Affect ftraits : but now a 'trait canted by fin, thee are im- bitered and envenomed by the guilt of fin and ferafe ofGods wrath. It is fin that maketh ftraits deferve the name of ftraits : therefore you are fpirituallymad that commit fin to avoid ftraits. 2. There is moreevil in the leaft fin, then in the greatell outward calamity whatfoever : this the world will not believe : therefore Saint Aullin faith, That a man ought not to tell a lye, though he might Pave allthe world fromHell : for there is more evil in one lye, then there isgood in the Salvation of all the world. I have often told you the ftory ofSaint Aktin : faith he, IfHell were on one fide, and Sin on the other, and Imuff choofe one, Iwould choofe hell rather thenfin : for God is the Author ofhell, but it is blarphenly to fay he is the Author offin. There is a famous itchy of Charles the ninethKingof France, he fent a meffage to the Prince of candy, a zealous Proteftant, gives him three things to choofe, either to go to Mafs, or to be put to death, or to fiiffer banifhment all his life long : faith he, Trimurti Deo juvante nunquain eligo : The firil (Godhelping) Iwill never choofe, Iabhor the Idolatry of the Mars : but for the two other, I leave it to the choice of the King to do as he pleafes : there is more evil in the leaf{ fin, then thegreateii mifery. 3. The third thing I would have you confider, that whofoever -eoeth out ofGods way to avoid danger, (hail certainly meet with greater danger. Balaamwent out of Gods way, Numb. 22. 22. and God fent an Angel with a drawn fword, and he riding upon anAffe, werfe 26. the Angel flood in a narrow place, where was no way to go from the right hand, or from the left : if his Affe had not fallen under him, he had been run through by the Sword of the Angel. Jonah for fear of the KingofNineveh, went out ofGods way, but he met with a mighty tempeff, he Met with a Whale : What do you