Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augun 17. 1662. 9 you do when you commit fin ? you make way to becall into the e- ternal prilbnof Hell: you deftroy your precious foul, to lave your pedaling bodies. Vie 2. If fin be the father and mother of all perplexitie and di- ftreiles, then, .1 befeech you, let us above all things in the world, abhor tin : all the curfes of the Bible are all due one!), to a firmer ; and all the curies not named in the Bible : for that is obfervable, Dot. 28.36. every plague that is not written in the Book, (hall light upon him : thereare firange punithments to theworkers of iniquity, Job 31. 3. IS not deflru&ion to the wicked, a (range punifhnient to the workers of iniquity : fin, it bringeth the (inner to littleeafe: little eafe at death, little eafe at the day of Judgement, and little eafe in Hell, tribulation and anguith : the word in the Greek, is eilramonkon, little eafe to every foul that doth iniquity. Oh my beloved, will you promife me to look upon fin, and confider it in all its woful confequents, as the Father, Mother and Womb, out ofwhich come external, eternal, and internal 'traits ? more par- ticularly, there areitwelve fins I elpecially command you to take heed of and avoid. i. Take heed of covetoufnefs : the love of the world will pierce you through with many forrows; the love of rnony is the root of all evil; the love ofthe world drowns men in perdition. 2. Take heed of the fin ofpride : into what woful halt didpride bring Haman ! God croffed him in what he molt defined : God made him hold the ftirrup, while Mordecay rode in Triumph ; and God hanged him on the Gallows which he made for Mordecay. 3. Take heed ofdrunkennefs ; look not on the wine 'when it gives its colour in the cup, &v. drunkenners will bring you into fnares, it will bite like a Serpent, and fling like an Adder, &c. 4. Take heedof Difobedience and Rebellion againft the Com- mandmentsof God it brought Jonah to the threenights and three dayes in the Whalesbelly. 5. Take heed offornication, and adultery, and all uncleannefs ; this brought Sampfon to a woful 'trait : this brought David and So- lomon into great perplexity. 6. Take heedof oppreilion, and all a&s of injuctice : this brought Ahab into great (trait, infomitch that the dogs licked his blood. 7. Take heed ofnnueceffary familiarity with wicked men : this brought jehofaphat into ;a great {trait. 8. Take heedofmifufing the Prophets ofGod : this made God deffroy the children:of Ifradwithout remedy, 2Chron. 36. 15, 16. 9. Take heed of coming prophanely to the Lords Table : this C brought