Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Ohl 1.2 Dr. Manton's Prayer. theLords floc kis carried away captive. Give glory to God by cons fellinc, and repenting of your sins, by humbling your fouls before the Cord,' before darknefs come ; and who knoweth but this may prevent darknels. 4+444444+44444444+44444404444444+++44+4 Dr. Manton's SERMON. . His Prayer. OH Lord God, all that we can do, is nothing of our felves, we can do nothing, oh let us have the gracious affi,tance of thy Spirit at this time, let thy love conjtrainus, fayunto us, thou art our falvation. Do not fay, that we thall fill upthe meafure of our ,iniquities, and there (hall be no hope for us. Oh Lord, we are ajharned that we have waited fo long in thine Ordinances, and have got no more profit to our poor fouls : but we havegiven up our hearts to thepleafures and vani- ties of this world, that are but for a feafon : even thofe that thou hat drawn out after thee, do not walk worthy of thee ( anfwerable to that bleffedhope of future bappinefs ) in the midi of a crooked and perverfe generation. yef;vs Chrijt is to many of us become a /fumbling block ,and a rock, of offence, while our hearts are carried out after the world with fuch firong afire:Wens. Oh when 'hall we carry our felves fo, as thofe thatprofefs themfelves to be feekers of a better life ? we come into thy pretence now for .firength, do thou rnanifejt thy felf to us, thou hail pro- mifed to pour out thy Spirit upon all fiefh, oh let it be unto us according to thy protnife. Oh Lord, our hearts natura:Y are averfe to thee, fo that of our felt es we (halt never be able to doany thing that may be well pleating to thee; but do thou regulate us by thy bleffed Spirit, that we may obferve thy Sta- tutes, and do them, and that thy Commands may not be grievous, to us, that it may not be burdenfotne to us to do the work,of God: 0 Lord when fhall our heartsbe made found in thy Statutes ? we wait upon thee in the ufe of thine Ordinances, that we may have a new fupply from thee, that at length we may come to fee that thouart at work with us tofave our fouls ; 0 kelp us tobe followers of them, who with faith and pati- ence do follow thee, and to do nothing unbecoming_ our holy call ; us not to fwerve from thy Contmandm erits,but let us have a, confiant and earnel Afire after thee. Let the choice of thy mercies came down upon our Soveraign CHARLE S, King of England, Scotland, France, and Ireland, let his heart beguidedby thee, arid let hint aluoayes let thee before his eyes, that under thefhallow of his Government, we may have peacein all