Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augurt 17. 1662. 13 allgodliners andhonefly. Blefs him in his Relations, in his Councels ; teach our Senators wifdait ; be with all thy faithful Magifirates and Mi-- niters, let them be a terror to evildoers, and an encouragement to theirs that do well. Be with us in the way of thy worthip,we are here met to- gether to hear andhandle thy holy word, oh do thou command it to light' ppm all our hearts, let it come in the evidence and demonliration of thy Spirit : al for Chril his fake, for whom we blefs thee, to him, with thee, and thy Holy Spirit, bepraife andglory for evermore. +44144444+44+++.4449+4,00+44+441+++.440+ His S ERMO.N. Heb. I 2, I. Wherefore feeingwe are compaffedabout with fogreat a cloud of Witneffes, let us lay afide every weight, and the fin which cloth fo eafily befet us, and let us run with patience the. race that is fet be- fore us* T N the former Chapter, you have a fpiritual Chronicle; or a Cata- logue ofthe Lords Worthies, and all the eminent effefts of their; Faith ; and now the Apoille comes tomake ufe of this Hiftory, that: he had produced through fo many fricceffions of Ages, ofall the ho- ly meta. ofGod that excelled in fa ith.Whereforefeeing we are comp+, fedabout with fogreat a cloud of Witneffes, &c. The Text is wholly Hortatory. In it obfervei z. The prerniffes or principle the Apoftle worketh upon, Teeing we are compaffed, &c. 2. The pra&icalinferewes, which arededuced, from thence, and they are two. I.-One concerning theprivative part.ofour duty,. Letus lay afide every weight, &c. there is fomething external and without, like to clog us in our way toHeaven, ---every weight; and fomethingwithin that will hinder, and trouble us within: thereforehe faith, And the fin which dotb fo early befet La. 2. Here is the poiitivepart, Let us runwith patience the race that is fet before us. There's motion [Run] the manner [with patience] the Rage or way [the race that is fet before us.] My purpole is to give you Come brief thoughts upon this ufeful andpraaical inference ofthe Apoftle,from the Hiftories ofthe faith- ful before recorded. Therefore.I will rum up. the whole.text in this point. Doet. Thepeople of God that have fuch a multitude of examples of holyMen and Women fet .before them, Amid prepare themfelves to run the fpiritual ra.ce.with more patience and chearfulnefs. There: