Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Dr. .111antozi s Sermon, There are two things in this Do&rine the Encourdgetftent and the Duty. I open both with reipe6t to the circumitances ache Text. Firft, the Encouragement; Amultitude of examples, or as in the Text, Peeing we are compared about with fo great a cloud of Witnefes : Mark, hereare witneffes,agreat cloud of witneSes, and tnele, coolaf- ing us round about. Firft, Here are Witrteffes ; by that term we are to underftand thole; worthy Saints mentioned and reckoned up in the former Cbapter,Abel,Ertoch,Noah,Abrabaln,M-ofes,&c.all the Saints ofGod that have had experience of the goodneis of his providence to them ; and the fulfilling of his promises, they are all called wit- neffes, why? becaule they depofe a teftimony forGod, and (Peak to future generations tobe conftant, as theydid, that they might re- ceive the like reward. This witnefs was partly in theirfaith, and partly in the fruit of their faith. I. They witneftedby their fait11,(7ohn 3.33.) He that bath recei- ved his te(finzony,hath jet to his fealthat God is true. A man that hath foundly digefted the promifes, that expreires his faith by chearful- nels and patience under all difficulties, troubles, delayes,and thole fimdryttials that he meets with, he gives it under hand and Peal, proclaims it to the world that he hath to do with the true God. 2. They witneffed in the fruits of their faith, as they give us an inftance of Gods fidelity towards them that faithfully adhere to, and firmly believe in his promifes ; fo it is faid (Heb. 6. 12.) Be not jloathful, but followers of them who through faith, and patience inherit theprofile: Let faith but let patience awork, do but hold out a little While with God, and you may learn by the example of all thole holy men we kali inherit the promifes, they (hall be made good to a tittle, and not one thing fail of all that theLord hath fpoken ; as thefe holy men were exercifed and teffed to and fro,but it incceed- ed well with them at the laft. Oh ! then let us hearken to thede- pofition of thee worthy Witneffes that are recorded in the Scrip- ture, and with filch an invincible relolution as theirs was, let us hold on our courfe towards true happinefs: If we do not, they that are now propounded as Witneffes to us, will at the day of Judgement be produced as witneffes againft us. And pray alfo let its remember that weare to continue and keep afoot that Teftimony to fucceeding Generations ; for not onely the Prophets and holy men of God, were Gods witneffes, but all Gods people alfo are his witneffes ' 0.) by their faith, patience, diligence, conftancy,and chearfulnefs tinder affiiEtions, they are togive it un- der