Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

2 Dr. Manton's Sermon net lay itafide. Thenwe are faid to lay afidethefin that fo eafily be- lets us, when we prevent and break the dominion of ir, that it thannot Reign over us, Rom.6.12. let not fin reign, &c. Though it dwells in u6, lives in us, and works inus, yet it fhould not over- come us, and bring us into bondage, and Co it will not be imputed to our Condemnation ; and at length when the Soul be fepa- rated from thebody, we (hall be wholly free from it. gu. I, but what muff we do that we may fo reprefs it ? ( the queition returns ) that we may break the dominion of it ? Anfw. I anfwer, this is the work of the Spirit of God ; but we muff know, the Spirit of God cloth work the work of mortificati- on twowayes : By Regeneration, and after Regeneration Rege- ration, and fo he doth immediately without any Co-operation of ours mortifie the deed of fin,gives fin its death-wound: that which is left, is as a thing mortified, 'tis broken : the Scripture often fpeaks ofthis firff work ofRegeneration, Ron1.6.6.Colof 2.11. Firff, when *e are planted intoChrift, then we put offthe body of fin ; and though it doth not prefently dye, yet it's weakened, that it cannot reign, though it be not deffroyed. 2. After Regeneration the Spirit doth more and more deffroy fin, the reliques of fin, this crucified body of fin, till it dyeth wholly away ; this hedotla in us, but not without us, Rom. 8. 13. Though the Spirit mortifie the deeds of thebody : Not the Spirit with- out us, nor we without the Spirit, but ye through the Spirit. What is then required of us ? r. Serioufly pupae not to fin, and promire to God to yield Him unfeigned Obedience. Efpecially fhould we make this pro- unite in the ufe of thofe Solemn Rites by which the Covenant be- tweenGod and us is confirmed. Take lid a folemn purpofe not to grieve the Spirit, nor tobreak his law, Pfal. 119. 106. I have fwarn, and I will perform it, that Iwill keep thy righteous judgements : This purpofe of heart is the root of all good actions : therefore in the confidence of Gods help, in the reale of thy own weaknels, Pfal. 119. 32. we cannot lay wagers upon our own ffrength, yet 'cis our duty to engage our hearts to God : To fin againff the light of our own Confctence, and Illumination of the Spirit, and the chaffen- ingand inffruEtion of our own reins,that aggravates our fin : but to finagain% and betides our fixedpurpofeofnot finning, that light- ens fin ; for then'its a fin of weaknefs and infirmity, not of wil- fulnefs and malice ? and then we can fay as Paul, Rom. 7. 19. when the heart is fixedly bent towards God ; the evil which I would not, that do LTwo wayes may we be faid to fin againffpurpofe:either when we