Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguft 17. 1662. a3 we are over-born betides our purpofe, ourpurpofe HI remains to pleafe God : As, when the water breaks over the bank, the bank remaining : in filch a cafe the fault is not in the bank, but in thevi, olence of the flood. Or 2. when webreak offour purpole,or con- fent to do evil : as when we cut through the bank, the water may eafily make through. There's a great deal of difference between fin dwelling inus, and fin entertained by us : between fin remain- ing, and fin referved : when you have a firm purpofe againft all fin, there is fin remaining, but 'cis not referved, 'cis not-kept and. allowed. 2. Watch over thy Pelf with a holy feli-fitfpicion, becaufe thou halt fin within thee, that cloth eafily beret thee ; therefore confider thy wages, Plait 119.59. Guard thy fenfes, job 31. i. but above all, keep thy heart, Prov.4.23. Confcience muff Rand Porter at the door,. and examine what comes in, and what goes out : watch over the-. stratagems of Satan, and reducing motions of thy own heart. 3. Refill and oppofe ftrongly againPc the firft Filings of the flefha and the tickling and pleating motions of fin, that doth eafily beret. us, when it dothentice us away from God, or do any thing that is unfeemly and contrary unto the duties of our heavenly calling.. Oh ! remember we are not debters to the flefh, Rom.8.2o. Thou art tied to the Lord by all obligations and indulgence : therefore break_ the force of fin by a ferious refiftance ; check it, and let thy foul: rife up in indignation againft it; my bufinefs is riot to pleafure the flefh, but to pleafe the Lord. 4. Bewaile thy involuntarie lapfes and falls with penitential tears,. as Peter went out and wept Mat. 26. 57, Godly forrow is off great tire for laying afide of fin, as falt potions kill worms : When Children are troubled with Worms, we give them falt potions: lb there bitter penitential tears, are the means God bath oppointed to. mortifie fin ; that's the " colon the Apoftle faith, 2 Cor. 7.. 10. Godly: furrow workgh repentance to falvation, not to be repented of : 'Tis not: onely a part of repentance, but worketh preferving durable reColit- tions, a walking clofely with God ; tis a.rneans God bath bleffed to this end and purpofe. 5. Recover from thy falls, renew thy combate ; as ifrad, when,. they were overcome in battles they would try it again and again, jucig. 2o. 28. Take heed ofceafing for the preterit ; for though thy enemy feems toprevail, though the flefh feems toprevail a gait& the fpirit of the battle ; yet thou fliait have the belt of it in the war ; by- the power ofgrace thou (halt have the vi&ory. Thusl have gone. over the privitive part °four duty, Let us lay, of&