Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

1.8-) Mr. Caryl's Sermon, garments undefiled; and it was by the power of faith, and they ob- tained a good report by faith, keeping themfelves from the pollu- tions ofthe world, theykept themielves a good report. This ho- nour and good report which we get by keeping our garments unde- filed, is titre : Abraham had an honourable title, Abraham, My Friend, anda man after my own heart, Ifa. 45. v. 4. Since thou waft precious in my fight, thou waft honourable; and not only fo, that the people of God are honourable in his eyes, but they alto fometimes walk in white, in the eyes of the men of the world : he can give his people room in the opinions of men, he moves their hearts to think well of them, and he opens their mouths to (peak well of them, though indeed the honour which they, who keep their gar- ments undefiled, have in this world, it is moft dually from good men, from godly men, and indeed honour ofthem is moft honour- able. It is not much to us what others fay or think of us, what the wicked world judge of us, yet I fay, God can, and cloth fothet imes raiCe a teltimony of honour for his people-amongft carnal men of the world. joyeph would not defile his garments, he walked in white amongft men : true, he was caft into prifon, what of that he was refpeaed by the Keeper ofthe prifon, and afterward he walked in white. In the whole Egyptian Court, Daniel was one that walked in white, with eorumon men of the world ; firft with the Prince of the Eunuchs, he had tender favour with him, he told him he would not difobey God to pleafe men ; yet he did not rail againft him, and call hinia flubborn fellow, becaufe he would not bow to Baal; and afterwards Daniel was as great a man as any in all that Province, he walked in white. God 'lath created Teflimonies of honour for his people from Tome men of the world, yea they many times put whitegarments upon them: fo it was with Chrift in the 27th. of Matthew, and the 4. verfe, common men put a good report upon Chriff, a whitegarment. Truly, faith the Centurion, this was the Son of God. Truly_this was arighteous wan, faith he, when he taw how he carried hirrifelfati his death, he gave him a good report : thus it doth come topals, God cloth fometimes keep up their honour in theworld, who will not defile their ear ments, nor touch the Sacri- fice of Baal; and it ,follows: fo with them that the Lord (hall dear up their credit, and reputation, and they (hall walk in white, in ho- nour, before the men of the world, Rev. 6. i r. where the Souls un- der the Altar arc fpoken of, who were miCerably tiled in this world, whiteRobes-weregisienthern, to every one ofthem; that is, their e- v ielences were cleared., This