Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Predched Auguft 17. 1662. Walking with Chrift notes to-its three things. I. That we have peace with him. 2. That we have intimacy with him. 3. That his being fo much above us, we fliould have this favour from him. And hence I noted. the great priviledge of the people of God, that they [hall walk with ChriPr. I. It notes the great fatisfa&ion of the Saints to walk with Chrift: they (hail be filled with his company. 2. How fafe it is, and what fafety there is to walk with Chrift he hath a wing to fpread over them. 3. What opportunities filch have as walk with Chrift. 4. What liberty fuch have as walk with Chrift. - 5. Such as walk with Chrift, may be Cure he will communicate his fecrets to them, he will thew themwhat they have to do. 2. We (hewed you the great goodnefs of Jefus Chriti, that he ,thould take Inch creatures to walk with him, filch defiled creatures. 3. Then let us take heed of keeping our garments undefiled, left jetils Chrift calk its out ofhis company, and we can no longer walk with Gila any more. Oh take heed of walking blamelefs in the wayes of Chrift. Thefe things were fpoken from the firft Point. Now I come to the walking with Chrift inwhite. In opening the Text, I told you white might be confidered two wayes: I. As it refpe6ts our {late, and fo that by way of Juftification, and thus they (hall walk with Clic& ; but this is not the walking in white theText means. 2. Here is a further walking in white, and that is matter of re- ward to the people of God. i. To walk with Chrift in white, it is matter of honour, white garments are matter ofhonour. Princes, great Kings walk in white garments, fo the Saints of God !hall walk in white. Chi-ill will ho- nour them, and give them honour among them, becaufe they have 'kept their garments undefiled. They than walk in white like great Princes,and honored perfons.Agood name isbetter then precious oint- ment : they that are good indeed,they [ball have a good name, they thanwalk in white. Tokeep the conscience clean, is to keep the cre- dit clean, and theywho are careful not to blot their converfations, Chrift will take care of their reputations, that they be not blotted, that they walk withme in honour. ' rwas worthily fpoken in thee at. oftheHebrews, they kept their E 2 gar- ,27