Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

34 Mr. Caryl's Sermon yob 8. x S. fpeaking ofthe Hypocrite, his hope (hall be cut off, the word signifies to loath, fo fome tranflate, his hope (hall be a loathing to him, hefballloath his hope. There is a two-fold loathing : Firfl, a loathing to repentance, that is, a gracious loathing, a loathing our felves for our fins againft God. And there is a loathing of delpair, and that is the loathing there meant : the Hypocrite flail loath his own hope, that is, he (hall loath it defpairingly. 'Tis an affii&ion to be loathed by men, but 'tis a dreadful judgement, to be loathed Of our felves defpairingly ; this is the fuburbs ofhell, for this will be the portion' of the damned for ever, for their vanity, for their madnefs, ',cis' next to the Region's of Heil, for their worm dyeth not ; and that is the worm of confcience : Oh therefore take heed, confcience maybe fluent , yea, it may flatter for a-time, but when confcience is provoked, it will fpeak, yea thunder. There is no filch thundering Preacher in the world as confci- ence is ; The Thundering of Mount Sinai, is not like the thunder- in g of our Confcience. Fourthly and laftly, let it be for Exhortation, and incourage- ment, for Chrift here makes it an incouragement, fo let this be an incouragement to keep our garments undefiled, the remembrance that we (hall walkwith him in white, in the white of peace, and joy in this world : who would not walk in this white who would not be among thofe who keep their garments white in the miclft of a de- filed, and defiling world Let me give you but a three-fold Confideration, to fir you up to an exceeding exaftnefs and carefulness not to defile your garments, feting there is filch a reward promifed, filch a Habit of White pro- mifed, as this White, wheheinwe (hall walk with jefus Chrift. It is an Angelical happinels, fo much Heaven is come down upon ye, while you have this White. 'Tis Heaven before Heaven,Mat th .28.3. the Angel that came down to the SepulchreofChrift, his Raiment was white as the Light. The Martyrs when they had Angelical Ap- -raritions, they alwayes appeared to them in white; as one upon the Rack thought he felt an Angel fupplying him, while his enemies tormented him. Chrift calls the Pharifees whitedSepulchres ; they arewhited, but whited Sepulchres, that is a wc ful condition to be whited like a Se- pulchre. Thus it is with thole who defilethemfelves, they are whit- edwalls, and whited Sepulchres. They that keep themfelves white, (Bail walk inwhite, [hall have Angelical glory. Secondly, confider this White, or walking in white, is firth as conquers all theblaekneS Ofthis world :tis not poilible for the world to