Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Augdi 17, 1662. 33 rather then do any thing that will not pleafe God, or he hurtful to theirown conlciences ; they are afraid of lofing their peace,and comfort, and joy with God, therefore they will not let go the wayes of God, as job faith, job 27. 6. Ihold fall my integrity, and myheartfhallnot reproach me fo long as I live : as if he had Laid, You my friend have reproached me, but I am refolved my heart (hall not reproach me lo long as I live. The Heart or Corilcience is a bufie faculty, and hath many offi- ces, it records what we do, and comes as a witnefs : the confcience is judge of what we do,and accordingly reproves what we do amifs; therefore faith job, Ile take care of this : Lammore afraid of the report of confcience, then of any man-whatfoever, therefore! will not do any thing that may caufe my confcience to reproach me as long as I live. This is upon the heart of Gods people, they are refolved, let men reproach and rail againft them as much as they will, their hearts fhall not reproach them. a In the third place, let it be a word of Caution and Admoni- on to all at this day, to take heed of defiling their garments : Ifyou defileyour garments, Chrift will pronounce another fentence, he will pronounce a fentence againft you, he bath threatniogs for thole who defile their garments : In the place of rewards,for thole who keep them clean, they who defile their garments, (hall wa I in garments of black, in the blackof dithonour : as yob faith, I walk all day mourning without the Still : the Sun of Righteoufners (hall not Thine upon them ; Oh what bitter. and fowre things have many tafted for defiling their garments, wheh for favour of men, or to pleafe men, they have {tabled their own garments ! What fad bit- ter things bath been upon them, how bath confcience filen up a- gainft them ! Oh take heed of the After-claps of conicience may fay, take heed of the Thunder-claps of confcience, for they will come upon you one time or other, if you defile your garments : As they who to pleafe men defile their garments, often fall. their difpleafirre, whole favour they fought : fo oftentimes frith fall in- to difpleafure with tliemfelves, or tobe five they fhall at laft : there is' many a one lives under the disfavour of his own confcience, ma- ny a one that his confcience will not give him a good word,or good look, whence bath it been ? they have defiled their garments,: They whO venture to do things difpleafing to God, (hall not long be pleating to themfelves. The ftory fpeaks of Francis Spina, that to pleafe men to Pave an eftate, he defiled his garments, and he prefently fell into rebuke of imfelf, and lived under the rebukeof his confcience a long time. F job