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36 Mr. Cafe's Sermon, bit, and 'tis that will be with us molt when we have molt need of it. I ihould have added a third, as walking with Chrift is an honour, and 'tis walking in the white of peace and joy. So thirdly, tis a truth of walking with. Chrift in the white of Glory, as in the Transfiguration, which was a Type of Heaven, his rayrPtent was white, fo as no Fuller on earth was able to whiten it ; and that is it which I might have fpoken of to ye, that they who keep their garments undefiled here, (hall be filre of that, to walk with Chrift in glory hereafter. If we fhould nails of the white of honour, and have not much of the white or joy, yet be fine we (hall walk with Chrift in the white of Glory. I would Onely fay this toyou, That as I have from this Text,and many more, laboured tobring poor fouls into a white Rate, to a ftate of JuffifiCation, to a Rate of Holineli ; and as I hare been Frain(' b you. to keep your garments white, that you may be in the habit of white, as your Reward; fait [hall be the defire and pray- ers of my heart, that if I lhould have nomore opportunitiesamong you, that as you have been ftirred. up to get into this white ofgrace, that you and I may meet in the white of Glory, where we than never part. Here are three White : The white ofHonour is good, the white Of Peace and Joy is very good, the white of Glory is belt of all, that is the anfwer of all our Prayers, and that is the dire ofall our Working, then the (hall have as much as we can hold for ever. +44.04140444444414.00:0044044ON Mr. Cafe's SERMON. Rev. 2. 5. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and re- rent, and do the firfi works ; or elfe I will corm unto thee quickly, and will remove thy Candle,fickout of his place, except thou repent. Hrifi here prefcribes precious Phyfick for the healing of this languifilingChurch of Ephefns : 'cis compounded of a three- fold ingredient. i. Se l R.efie&ion Remember from, &c. 2. Holy contrition and humiliation before the Lord, Repent. 3. Throt4-,,h Reformation, Do thy firif works. I left the hit time upon the recond of there, namely Repentance; and that which I did upon this part of Chrifts advice, was, not 1?) much to open to you the nature of Repentance ( which is not fo proper for this place ) as to give in a catalogue or lift of fuckfpeci- al fins,, as Chrift doth expeEt that all his people in tlfele three Na- tions