Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguft 17. 1662. 37 tions tholild lay to heart, and repent of before the Lord. I gave you in a 'ill ofeleven fpecial fins that we fhould repent of;and hum- ble our felves for before the Lord. As, r. Ornifflon of duty, Prayer, reading the Word Meditation, &c. any thing will be for excufe to lay by duties, and we are fe- cretly gladof an excuCe. 2. Remifnefs of duty. In things of the world we are all in all, and all in every part; a' man cannot dirt& another thought into ses ; but in prayer, howmany things we are doing ? 3. Hypocrifie. How unlike arsewe at hometo what abroad ?sand in company to what in fecret ? 4. Pride. In apparel, houfes parts, blood, birthright, yea of grace it (elf, ofhumility, Minifters, Ordinances, &c. 5. Covetoufnefs. Never did Covetoufnefs invade the profeiling party as now The more goods. menget, the lefs good they do. 6. Senfuality. Voluptuoufnefs, Wantonnefs, Chriftians let them- eel v es loofe to the. Creature lay out their affeaions on things be- 10,N, as if part in theSerpents curieas well as their own. 7. Anitnofities,4nd Div : lions among Chriftians ; many have beery aEtive to kindle, but few to quench Divifions. 8. Vncharitablecenfuring one another: . 9. Formality in duty. Witneg, 1. Tinprepared coming. 2. =Unfiiit ablenets of fpirit to : And '3,- Want of reflection after duty, how we have flied, what we have got ; Sabbath, Sacraments, comes and goes, Munday morning findes its the fame as before. o. Mifpent Sabbaths. Some prophane, others idle away the Sabbath, &c. Neglet of our Bibles in our families and clofets. "pray God it forgonot fome great evil coming uponyou, as before the mafra- cue Germany it was obterved, &c. I proceed. 1 2.The want ofmutualforbearance among,Chriflians. Alas, Chri.- alias know not how to bear one with another in the leaft kinde or , meafure. Oh the thort-lpiritednets among Chriftians,they cannot bear one anothers burdens,they cannot bear with oneanother. 'Tis very lad,triar we that brut in need of fo much forbearance, ihould expeets fo little to our Brother 'Tis an argument we know not of what fpirit we ateof; (as Chrift told his Difciples) Oh ! how unlike to that God,whorn we profefs to be our GOd ? He is long fuffering; patient,- full of goodnels, gentlenets, mercy, &c. we can bear no thing, wetan iuffer nothing one from another: - 13.. Our great murmuring againfi Reformation and ReFormers,(Goil bath heard the voice ofour murmuring, Exod. .16.) As. ifdimhad been.