Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

40 Mr. Cafe's Sermon, about; have called unto us Pity me! 011 pity me my friends! for ele hand of God is gone out againit me. Wecannot look any way but we fee eaufe of bitter mourning : but we have notlaid the blood of Germany, Litmania, Piedmont, &c. to heart ; therefore God may ju- ttly lay it to our charge. Want offellol,v-feelinsii *ith our Brethren in their afflietions, it is a kinde ofperfecution, a kinde of being ac- . ceffary to their Sufferings. That we have not mourned, wept, bled with them ; that we have not lyen in theduff, fmote on our thighs, &c. God may juffly fay to us, as Amt. 6:4, 7. They fhall go captive with thejirathat go captive, becaufe they are not grieved for the aifii- ttions of jofeph. The word in the Hebrew agniaes, none of them, have beenfickfor the affiktion of joreph : M. my Brethren ! when did we go to bedFick, for the of iaions of Gods people abroad ? when did their- miferies coff us an hours fleep ? or a meals meat ? when did we lye in the duff, and cry out, Ah Lord ! their glory ? Becaufe we have not fheitears for their blood, God may jtifily fay, The next turn ofPerfecution (hall be yours, becaufe you hate not been affliaed in the affliecionsofmy. people, &c. 19. Our grievous unfenfiblenefs of Gods difhonour, Religion never fuffered the like as. it hath done there later dayes by the Pride and Hypocrife of fome Pretenders to it, Gods name hath been thereby blafphemed by an evil and hypocritical generation ; the people of God have lyen under the greateff reproaches and contempt that e- ver any did under the Heavens ; and yet all this while we have not been concerned in it : carriedour felves as if unconcern'd in the reproaches of Religion.; Blafphemies refle6ted upon the name of God ; Who, in thefetirnes of blafphemy, have gone in fecret ?,1yen in the duff ? and cryed with holy joihua, What wilt thou do unto thy great name? Jol. 7. 9. We have not laboured to preferve in our own Souls, or fir up in our Brethren a holy fenfe of Gods name, as thofe Primitive Saints, 'Mal. 3. i6. Where are they that have been affe&ed with, and affliCced for the fufferings of the name of God ? 0 confider how little is God and Religion beholden to us for our tears, fighs or groans ? What is become of that Childe-like fpirit, that was wont to poffefs the fpirits of Gods people ? 'Tis perifhed; and with it, without fpecial timely Repentance,we perifh alfo. 20. That Epidemical fin of Pelf-feeking, and felf-pleafing. Oh my Brethren, wemay revive that complaint of the Apoffle, All Peek their own, not the things which are jefus Chrijs,' Phil. 2. 21. This, this bath been the fource of all our miferies. While fome had power in their hands to have done great things for God,: what did they do, but negle& the intereft and truft in their hands, and fell a feather- .. ing