Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguit 17. 1662. 3.9 days it hath been the only thing men have negie&ed and delpiled : how little care that our converfationsfhould honour theGorpel,&c. 17. Our living by fenfe, and not by faith. Surely (my Brethren) among all the fins in England that the people of God have caule to be humbled for, there is not any whereby we have more provoked God then by that fin ofour unbelief : murmuring, and infidelity, have been our two great hunts, for which, it is the wonder ofGods mere:, that he bath not caufed our carkaffes to fall in the wilder- tiers : he may take up that complaint of us that he did of Ifrael, Numb. 14. 22. Becaufe all thofe men which have leen myglory andmy miracles which I did in Egypt, and in the Wildernep, and have tempted me now thefe ten times, and have not hearkened to my voice, furely they (hall not fee the land, 8cc. And this is the lamentation we may take up, that truly to this very day, we have not faith enough to carry us from one miracle to another, from one deliverance to another, from one Calvation to another : let one deliverance pals over our head, and no fooner one wave riles higher then another, but we are ready to cry out with Peter, LordPik me, Iperia) : 2nd well were it ifour feat's did lithe into tears, and cries after Chrift : we rather are ready to cry out, as. thole in. Ezell. 37. ff. Our bones are dryed, and our hope is loll, weare cut offfrom our parts. We are a people that never knewhow to honour God in any diftreCs God hath brought us into; never learnt to glorify God by believing : if we cannot fee him, we cannot believe him : furely that which God hath done for us in fuels a fucceflionof miracles, itmight well at leaft have been food for our faith, during our fojourney : In our Pilgrimage we' might have learned by all that we have leen, to believe God : we might have made experience to be the food ofour faith : and upon all the providences of Divine Power, Wifdom, and Goodnefs, we might have difcourfedour /elves into belief, as David, 1Sam.17.37. The Lord that delivered me out ofthepaw of the Lyon, and of the Bear, he will deliver me out ofthe handof this Philiiiine. So Paul, He bad?' delivered, and cloth deliver, we true be will alfo deliver. Ohmy Brethren ! we difhonour God, and ftarve our Faith, by forgetting our experience, while we proclaim by our own unbelief, That we have a God that we dare not truft. If we periih, we may thank our felves for it : furely if we miCcarry, that account may be given for it that we find, Mat. 13. 58. becaufe of our unbelief, There is a Reft ofGod before us: ifwe do not enter in, it is becaufe of our unbelief. '18. Want or rympathy with the bleeding, gapping, groaning, dyini.; Churches of Yefils:Chi'iti. They have been in great of iaions round about:;