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42 Mr. Cafe's Sermon, 2. Sometimes of infiruments; thus Efau complains of his bro- ther ; is he not rightly called Jacob, a Supplanter?, of his father, haft thou but one bleffing, Gem 27. 3, 4. of any thing rather then of himfelf ; he cloth not lay,A&Y I not rightly called Efau? What a wretch am I that have derpired and fold my hieing ? Maly we complain of that which defery es no blame,theguihy of the Innocent,iKings 18.7. 5. Jer. 8. or we pore tomuch upon recondcaufes, or com- plain of inftruments, not ofour felves ; or of wicked men, not of wickednet: - of their cruelty, more than of their Blafphemy : of their injuries againft us, more than as Gods enemies : or more of revenge in our complaints, than murmuring : our complaints cOn- cerning their affii&ing us, not accompanied with our prayers for their converfion, &7c. 3. Sometimes of God himjelf, not as one of his children, who complains, a. To God, not of God : thus Chriii, My God, my God, &c. - 2. With a holy confidence, my God, my God, two words of faith for one word of fear, &c. 3. In his complaints, is very tender of Gods glory, afraid to think or (peak a hard or uncomely thought or word of God. 4; Carefully diffinguifhes between what God cloth, and what man loth; observes and feparates the unrighteournefs of men from the righteourners of God. 5. With humble inquiry what; caufemay be of his difpenCation, lob 10. 2. and 34.31.. 6. With difpolition to bring up his Will to God ; not that God lhould bring down his will to him ; if it be poflible let this Cuppar's; however. glorifie thyname, provide for thy ownglory, and do with meal thou pleafeji. But as afinfulcreature, fometimes ready ready to call Providence in quejiion, Ez. 8.12. or to break forth and charge God foolifhly, either of too much reverity, Ez. 18.2, 25. or of too long delay, If. 49. 14. or their rnournings are turned into murmurings, Numb. 14. 27. or their complaints are mixed with.Atn-. belief, Prat. 78. 19. or oftheir punifhment, not of their fin : and no- thing will fatisfie thembut deliverance. Now this is not the way ; for this way of complaining is. I. Fruit/eft; ahouCe on fire is not quenched with tears : Mur- muring will not Icatter the Clouds. -,CaufTefs.; thou hail thy life-for a prey, yer. 4.5,6. What a living man and complain, and that when 'cis for the punifhment of his fins? this kin&ofcomplaining is coflefs ; ifyou comparefinand kuniPzient- together, there's no proportion ; for fin is a tranfgrellion a gai nit