Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

TreachedAuguit 17. 1662. 43 an infinite God ; pun/Arne/It but an affiiCtion upon the finite Crea- nice : Sin is an evil againff God, punifhenent an evil ag-ainft the Creature Or, ifyou confider what fin is in its nature, 'Cis a contra- riety to Gods nature, (God is holy ; Sin impurity ) A contradiEti- on to Gods will ; C God faith, Do this, the Sinner faith, Iwill not : God faith, Do not this abominable thing which Mate ; the Sinner faith, brill: ) 'Tis the tranfgreflionof Gods pure and holy Law, nay, 'tis a pra6tical blarplaeming againft all the names of God; the rape of Gods mercy, and the dare of Gods juffice, the challenge of Gods rower ; Sin gives the lye to Gods truth, and the fool to Gods wifdotn. And what can fin do .more then to take away Godsgood name ? Gods being ? and that Sin would do. Or 'cis caufelefs if you confider againft whom fin is, i. e. God hirefelt; who is a jealous God : now a firmer takes another lover into his borom before his eyes ; yea, he is a holy,righteous ' omnipotent, altnighty,living God: Thoughts of this may well keep uS. from complaining. Indeed, whatever our of iaion be, we have as much caufe to give thanks, as to mourn ; whether you confider, whatever the punifliment he, it might he worfe ; or do but look well into it, you will fee more Mercy then Aftliaion, FPI. 119. 75. 3. Sinful. There is in it, 1. mtbankfirlizefs ; while we complain of one affiiftion, we overlook a thourand mercies ; whereas true grace is ingenious, and can fee a little kindners mingled with a great deal of feverity. The Church of God in captivity compa. ring her apt-lions with her mercies, breaks forth, It is of the Lords mercythat we arenot confirmed, Lain. 3. 22. bleffed be God, 'tis not yet To bad, but it might be worfe, 2 Cor. 4. 8. We are troubled oneve- ry fide, yet not difireffed : though laid wait for, beret on every fide, put to ftriveand ftrugle, yet We efcaped ; bod gives an iffhe in the temptation : we areperplexed, but not in def pair ; we are not fo helplefs that we know not how to turn its ; we have a God to go to, as bad as things are ; the Lords name is a ftrong tower : perfecuted but not forfaken ; we are fhaken out, but not to fhivers ; perfecuted, but not conquered; our God hath not quite forfaken us: Carf down, but not deqroyed, Pfal.ri 8. 13. we are call down, but not raft off So Luther, limy may thrujI me bacl but they cannot art me dawn; they may crofb me, but they cannot kill me: or, they may 'Oil ate, but they cannot hurt me ; they way /hew their teeth, but they cannot devour. Is it a fever it might have been eternal flames; ls it fcarcity ? there might be univerfal famine ; It is the danger of lofing the GolPel ? 'tis the mercy of God it is not donealready : Are we in Captivity ? we might have been in Hell ; are we in Prifon it might have been G a Tophet