Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Mr. Cafes Sermon., Gorpel abroad, for the maintenance ofa godly Minittry at home, for letting up the preaching of the Goipel in the dark cornet's of the KiNtiotn, &c. Thismull have Come cautions with it : as, I. We muff be Cure our vow be of what is in our :own power, we muff not make vows of that which is none of our own. Ihate rob- bery for burnt- °firings. We mull not make a vow toGod of that which bathbeen unjuilly or unrighteoufly taken away, or with-held from any. 'Tis Sacri- ledge inflead of a Sacrifice. 2. It muff be of things warrantable and juflifiable by the Word. 3. It mull be of filch things that we ate not bound to do, before vows,by the (landing Obligation of Religion and ofour profeflion : but offomething that is in our own choice, that we will voluntarily make a free-will offeringof it toGod. -4. We muff take heed that we do not entertain a fuperflitious thought of our own vows, as if we had merited a mercy at Gods hands by our vows God looks for Come fpecial vow at our hands, that we may thew how much we prize and value the mercy we would have, that we would be content to part with any thing, though to the halfofour Eftate for it. 2. Another thing I find, is, that in themean time we fhould do fomething by way of extraordinary bounty and charity to the re- liefofGods indigent Servants. Thus the Prophet Daniel : where- fore 0 King, let my counfel be acceptable to thee ; break off' thy fins by lighteoulnefs, and thine iniquities byftewing mercy to the poor,if it may be a lengthning of thy tranquility, Dan. 4. 27. The Prophet advifes him to break offhis fins by Righteoufnefs , there's Reformation : and befides Reformation, that he would do fbmething in an extraordinary way to the reliefofthe poor. Mercy to thepoor, what's that Interpreters conceive, by thepoor, here he underflands Gods poor, i. e. the poor Jews that were now in the Babylonian captivity: he ad- vifes he would do fomething by way of fympathy to the Jews, to cafe their yoaks and oppreflions: break off thy iniquities by pitying and (hewing mercy to thy poor captives under thy power now at this time : take offtheir yoak,eafe their burdens, and reflore them to their liberties again. Thus do you, and thole that have been the inftruments of your convection, or edification, fet apart fomething extraordinary for their relief and fhpply : The Prophet Daniel feems to adviCe this to the King as it were by way of fatisfa6li on. There be two things in Repentance : in wrongs we have done there muff be' confeffion, and fatisfaCtion or reftoration : He feems to