Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Preached Auguft 17. 1662. 49 to advire.this tomake up compleat Repentance namely, to make reftoration and retribution of what he had injurioufly taken from the Jews. Gh then! let me fay, without breach of charity, that whatioever, except it be in this cafe of extraordinary fupplies for his poor, it will be found but making reftitution and fatisfaetion. It may be upon a two-fold ground. I. With Come it may be truly reftitution and reltoration ofwhat he hath taken away by unjuff means ; God knows how : that's be- tween God and their own Souls , what unlawful means have been ufed toaugment the heap, and fixel their Eftate. If there be any that heats me this day, whole confciences {hall tell them that they have encreafed their Eftate by undue and un- warrantable means ; Oh Refiore, reftore, break offyour iniquitiesby fbewingviercy,&c. by making reparation as you can : it will be but like Zacheus giving half his goods to the poor, and reftoring four- fold, &c. ina liberal contribution tothepoor. 2. It will be reftitution in another fence, in reference to an un- juft with-holding: forme have got injurioufly, and I am afraid too too manyhave kept injurioufly : Have we not rob'd thepoor by an unjuft denying . of what God hath commanded us to diltribute to their necefEties? there is that with-holdeth more then is meet, &c. Prov. 3.17. & i 1. 24. It may be Godhath given you fo much : there's Gods fbare, there's the Minifters, portion, &c. Now all that you, have with-held beyond the Rule of Scripture, is all lioln goods, and is like aWheat-flieaf on fire,will burn down the whole barn ofcorn. That which I would exhort you to,is, every one to fet apart fome confiderable part ofyour eftate, and account it as a hollowed thing, dedicated toGod, as a thing whichto touchwere Sacriledge ; that you may be readyon all occafions, in all regular and due wayes, to bring out for the relief of the poor ; you knowobjeas abounding in every place, and you may expe&warrantable means for difpenc- ingof what God (hall put intoyour hearts in this matter. 4449.444040.+44.04+4714+++++4444+44.04440 Mr. Yenkin's forenoon S EK. M0 N. His Prayer before Sermon. Of bleffed andholy LordGod, thou art infinitely beyond our ap. 1V prehenfions, who was infinitely happy before the worldwas made, andwanteft none of thy Creatures, nor their fervi,es to make thee more excellent, then thou art in thy felf; we daily want thee, thou never wanteft us ;thou artpleated to make ufe of Ordinances, 11/Unifiers, Sab.! H bathii