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72 Mr. Jenkin's afternoon Sermon, 2. More particularly, concerning this holinefs I defire to thew you what it is, by (hewing you, it must be filch a holinels and Cepa- ration, as that the fervice done to God in thole places muff be ac- counted and looked upon as a better Cervice, and more acceptable, than if fo be it had been done elfe-where, more acceptable. to God, and advantagious to our felves. Now, as places are raid to be holy, in regard they are only to be for holy Cervices, Co, 2. Holy in regard that holy fervices are only tobe done there,wirh acceptation or advantage, at leaft with fo great acceptation. And therefore I defire you to take notice, that places in Scripture were Paid to be holy, which did fanliifie the Worfhip which was done in them, and fan&ifte the Worfhippers, and fb the very places are part of worfhip : and Co not only places in which God was worfhipped, but by which God was worfhipped. And thus the Sabbath was fan- aifi'd,and fo the performanceofGods worfhip therein, made Gods ,fervice more acceptable and fanaifi'd. And Co the Altar, when it was holy, it made thegift the more holyand Canaified, and fo the more acceptable the Altar Canaified thegift, Mat. 23. 18,19. And fo the Incenfe was acceptable to God, as being put into finch a Cen- fer. And Co theCervice done to God in filch Garments was mare acceptahle,'becaufe done in themwhichGod had inflituted and ap- pointed for Aaron and his Sons to wear. And Col have opened the firft thing in the explanation, and that is to thew you wherein holinefs confifts, and how it is that places or things may be Paid to be holy ; and I think I have fufficiently cleared the notion to you. 2. To thew, what theca* or the foundation of this healers is ; for this, my Brethren, I (hall defire you alto to take notice of it more generally, and then more particularly. I. More generally, That the caufe and the foundation ofa place, or any other thing's holinefs, it is its belonging to God, God's pe- culiar relation to it, and propriety in it,declared as he (hall pleaCe: and therefore to be holy, and to be God's, are words of the like importance, or equivalent, its being God's, and his having a re- lation to it, is the foundation and caufe of its holinels. And there- fore ifyou look intoExod, fhall there find God commands, that they fhould fart lifie to himall the fir;ilborn, it is mine ; there now is that which is the caufe: andrealm, andground of its being fan aifi- ed, or holy, it is God hitnfelf,God hath a propriety in it. And there- fore I defire you to look into Luke 2.23. it will open this notion to you ; there youfhall fee that this command is again repeated, but yet in other words, and therefore he faith, As it is written in the law of the Lord, every male that opemeth the womb(hall be called holy to the Lord;