Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Freached Auguft r 7. 1662. Lord; that which is laid in one place to be fantlifled or feparated, is here laid to be holy; and therefore holy, becaufe feparated to God, Levit. 27.3o. All the tithes of the land is theLords, it is his holy unto the Lord ; it is holy,and therefore holy becaufe it is the Loi;ds. So that here is the general anfwer.This is the foundation, ground andcaufe ofitsholinefs, Gods peculiar propriety in it, it is the Lords. z. More particularly,That the declared propriety that God hath in any place, or his relation to a place, or its belonging unto God, that is the foundation of its holinefs. This belonging unto God, or God's propriety in it, is declared two wayes. Its belonging unto God is declared, From his pretence, 2. From his precept. I. By his Prefence. Now the Pretence of God, that was the foundation of the holinefs ofa place, was twofold. z. Extraordinary. 2. Ordinary. i. The Extraordinary pretence of God was by his miraculous Apparitions, and difcovering himfelf by fome miraculous token, vifions, fign, or manifeftation of his pretence, as now here in this burning, and not confuming Bufh ; here was a miraculous token of Gods pretence. We (hall find in the fifth of JoJhua, and the IA verfe, God commafids jojhua toput offhis (boos, Loofe thyfloes from off thy feet, for theplace whereon thou )fandeji is holyground. AndJo- fhua did fo. And therefore, as I conceive, hence it is, the Mountain in which Chrill was transfigured, is called, Theholy Mountain, 2 Pet. 8. And this voice which came from Heavenwe heard, when we were with him in the Holy Mount. Why Holy ? Not as if it were holy at that time when the -Apofile writ that Epijfle, but it were manifejt, there was an extraordinery, manifeftation and fign of Gods pre- fence, and Co long as this extraordinary manifeftation of Gods,pre- fence continued, it was called holy. And this miraculous manifeft- ation of the glorioufnefs of Chills God-head ceafing, theholinefs of that place ceafed alto : And remember this place now, of Gods extraordinary miraculous man i feftation of hinifelf in theBuff', was holy for that time, and no longer, wherein he did manifefthimfelf; for otherwife, iirthe timeof theLaw, it were unholy to offer up facrifice there, . 2. As the Pretenceof God was extraordinary, fo it is ordinary, which is two-fold. I. The Pretence of his ilanding refidence in a place, or fome vifible or external Symbole; or elle, L 2.Th e