Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

12 reached Auglift 17. _1667. 87 .Then there is two things implyed that are the immediate pro- duecs of this fa. ingFaith, and infeparable from it; that ise trkgtingon him as the Redeemer,and obeying him as a Lord. To reg,upon him as a Redeemer, lisoians 15. 12. And here as far as the GA feels enter- tainment and encouragement by Chrift,overcomin7 his doubts'that Chrift rejeahim,e-cefb far he bath quietneffe ;flout in thrift, and will trait his foul upon Chrili. And then , the obeying ofhim in order tom, full recovery, as .a Patient mutt - obey his Phylitian hi iffing his PLetriedie, and means he preferibeS for killing our tins, re, storing our Soulsto Gods love,and being with him to eternity. The-NatureofFaith is to receive Chrift; the fincerity of it lies in in the fifitablenefle of the as to the objeEt ; that we receive him a s he is : Now, in Chrift there is fomething effential to this aec ; that he is a Saviour, and our SAviour,&c, and there is fomething makes an- to' the well-being and fuller attaining of the end : Thefinci are the objets of Faith it felf, as 'tis of al:31'0litre neceffity to Salvation : The fecond fort are the objetsofFaith as it is 'Iraq, and makes to the well- being ofa Cbrifiian. All that is effential to Chriji as a SavioNr , and Redeerner,is to be believed by him that will approve himfelf a True Believer. And thus receive Chrifi as the eternal Son of God, made man,the Redeemer oftheWorld, ruling usnipon the right of Redemp- tion,juflifying-us before God, bringing us to Godeand interceding for us: And thus Chrift mutt be received according to his Officee.and and as tholeufes for which he is given to the foul do import For the Application of this Point Let us begin with thole that our bufineffe at prefent cloth not mainly lye on. Muft men walltin Chriltas they-have received him? What (hall we lay to thole that have not, will not receive him ? flop us at the door,that we cannot bring in the Dotirine of Chrill ; that will not receive theprinciples of Cbriff ? How can we bringthe,and build them up, that will not filffer the Fomndationio be laid, the Seed to be, received? Haft thou not received Chrift ? therm thou haft :refilled Chrift , been a delpiler of the Golpel ofChrift, which will-prove thy great condemnation..W:hat is it for thee to hear the/Vat/4,, 8z. not to have the Spirit of chriff ? Do not -go upon conjeures?:- its one thing to number thy Pelf with thofethat areGhriftians,as tooutward appearance, an another thing to open thy :heart and deliver up thy felf to Chrifts Governmrnt , andas a Jolt firmer to receive him to thole -ends .a Saviour muff be receive,[. And remember, this was no [mall workGods lending Clirill into the world, no finall thing to fetch thee 'fromHell and Satan, to web guilty -fouls from all their fins, and tobiing them to everlalting glory. If thee great things be