Calamy, Horton, Manton - BX9327 .F28 1663

Mr. Baxter's Sermon. be rightly underflood and believed by thee, if Chrift he Linde' flood well as Chrifl,it muff be done with a wakened,humbled,felf-refign- , ed heart,making the greateft matter in the World of theie things : hath thy foul been ferioufly taken up about thy own recovery?And haft thou received Chrifi as a man that was ready to be damned, as one that had a load on his foul heavier then all the Mountains of oftheEarth, to eafe and deliver him ? as one that was under the frowns ofGod, in a age of enmity receives reconciliation ? Haft thou received Chrift, as if thou hada received Heaven in him ? Be- lieve it, theie aregreat tranfa&ions,and will affet thy heart; and it it not a fleepy or ,jejliaa matter thus to receive Chrift, confider what it is to receive Chrift. 1. Ifyou have received Chrift, you have received the great Re- conciler', that binds up the broken-hearted, quiets thole that trem- bledunder the threatnings of God, for fear he fhould forlake and cart them off for ever; 2. Ifthou hail received Chrift, thou haft received a perfe(t en- mity to all fn, that will never let thee reli in fin, but be perfwading thee from it, and conflicting in thee againft fin in thy foul : If thou haft received (Thrift, thou haft not received a friend for fin, that will plead for,or give thee leave to commit fin; but one that though he bear with thee in thy weaknefs, yet abominates thy fin. If thou haft received a Lord and Matter to rule; to be contented and fhb- jated to him,and to be ruled by none but in fithordination tohim, who will break thole in pieces that refitfe his Government ; Obedi- ence, and not verbal profefflon, is the thinghe requires. Haft thou en- tertained Chrift to be the Mauer ofthy words,thoughts and deeds, whoe Government thou liveft tinder, more than under any in the World ? 3. Ifyou have received Chrift, you have then received the be- ginning offelicity and full contentment to your fouls; ,having found none in your fins, you have it difcovered to you where it is,;: therefore with gladnels go you on; and fo far as youhave hopes of attaining it, fo far you have great contentment, &c. 4- -`Ina word, ifyou have received Chrift, you have fallen out. with fin; fubjeEted pleaCures, profits and honours to him ; andyou have received his Spirit, and this Spirit bath made you new, and maintains a War within you-againft the Flefli, If this be not thy cafe, Oh that thou kneweft what a cafe thou, art in ! For then r. What the better art thou for all his blood flied as yet, if thou went this day todye ?What would Chrifts blood do to the clean, ling and laving of thy foul ? 2. How