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Chap. I. An Expofition upon the Bookof J OB. Veda . I p t inifehicf; Satan, Prince ofthe air railed up this mighty wind. Winds are Paid fometimes to come from God ; :.As Lod. z o. 3: The Lord brought an Eaff-mind ,Upon theLwrd f Egypt' that it ' a.s covered with Locufts, ( oneof the plagues ofEgypt ) And verte r9,.' The Lord turned a mighty We(f-wind,which took, away the loaujfr. And Numb. t I. 31. There went forth a wind from the Lord, and brought Qeailes from the Sea. Jonah 1.4. Tbc Lordfent out a great wind into the Sea. The Heathens(who d;- vided the World among fundry Gods) gave the winds to 1I;3/ r; whom they fuppofed to have them all (hut up and lockt dole in his lodge till he gave them command to fly abroad. It is anargu- ment ofa divine power to rule the winds. Who is this fay thole Sea-men,Mat.S.27.that even the winds andthefea obey him. AsGod only caufeththe Sun to thine, and the rain to fall, fo the winds to blow. Thé wind is originally in the hand ofGod; He gathers Nov, 30,4, the wind inhisfiff(faith Agar of God, ) andfendette it whichwayhe pleafeth. But the winds were put for that prefent into the hand ofSatan, and he had leave to raife a form for this fpeciall pur- pole.. So then, there came a great wind from beyond the wildernefs, thath Satan fiiiredupa mighty wind in thole parts andquarters, which'came ---- And /mote the four corners of the houfe , and it fell upon the Toting men, and they are dead.] Here we fee what was the work of this winde. As it is defcribcd by the Région from whence the windecame; fo, by the ellets which it wrought being come ; It fmote' thefourcórners ofthe 13óù4e : The Hebrew word is the fame ufed verte i r.` Touch all that he bath. According to Satans fente, this wind touched the four corners of the houle. The cor- ners of thehoule are the ftrength of thehaute, and the four cor- ners ate all the fircngth. '-Cbriff is called the Corner ffone, be- calife he is tjieflrength and binding of the Church, he ',holds all to ether. This wind fn-lote the four cornersat once It may fééni,,very ffrangé; that one wind, a wind defcribed to come out ofon `quarter, a fouthern.wind, as this is conceived to have been, camïñ from - the wildeinefs, that this one wind thould ¡hike ali flié_fóú ' a is öf the houe together Muff it not be a wind Prone"thé`. fbt#;e"quarters of Heavenwhich flakes the four corners ßfá hùù s3' ñfwer, this was anextraorditry wind, there.was a wt-ndcr carded on the wings of this wind, therefore you have 'adix iration, a Behold fet in the beginningof this rela- Z 2 Lion,