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172 Verf. 19: , An Expofition upon the Boolt,of O B. Chap.'. 'tion; This winde did not work according to the ordinary rate of winds, Or we may fay it was a whirle-winde, that tempefluous whirle-winde, which Philofophers call Typhon ; Such a winde, as wherles about in a circle, and fo it might fetch inor affault all the parts and corners of the houle with one blafi. Further, We mull . take notice, that Satan was in this wind : He aged andwrought mightily with it for the lure and fudden effc ing of this dreadtull overthrow,the dcvill fpirited this wind,The wind(thoúgh for the quickneffe and power of it,called a fpirit ) is a dull and weak thing compared to a fpirit. Where came agreatwindfrom theWildernefs,and[mote thefour cornea of the bottle, anditfell upott theyoung-men, and they are dead. But what became of his three Daughters ? did they efcape ? They are not named, but they'alfo were involved. It is ufuall Scripture, under one Sex, the fuperior.Sex, to comprife both. All Jobs childrenperifbed under the ruines.ofthat falling houfe.Hence - Obferve,; Firft, That Satan being left at his .tame difpoJe, can raifeand. enrage fforrrtes and tempef s. It is laid, Pfal. 14.8. 8.. Thàtftor- my winder and tempeffs fulfill the will of God. Thewindes goe often on Godserrand ; . but as often as the Lordgives leave, thefe ítormy winds and tempefls fulfill Satans will; Not his alone, much leffe againít the will of God. Satan cannot raife fo much winde by his own power as will wave a feather ; b.t when God faith goe, doefish andfuch things, then the windes likewife fulfill . bic will : And then he can raife winds enough tomove mountains, and raze the foundations of the proudeft and ftrongeft buildings, l t . is reported that fome wickedwretches trade with witches for winds, they buy winds of the Devil ; A molt abominable mer- fhandize; and the Lord loth aufwer them juftly, to let them:have'. what theypay for, windcs of the Devill ; as he fpeakes in the i(á. 66.4. Prophet, I al»will chufetheir delufons: when menwillbe deluded, and go down, to hell for help,God will chufe their delufrons,faying in his wrath,youthat think the.devill< cangive you a wind,thede vil (hall give youa wind,a wind by whichyou íhall fail atonce to the port ofyourhope,and to the pit ofdetparation:A wind which (unleffe you repent) will carry you into that lake wherein thereis no water, a lake burning for ever, And the breath ofthe'. ordli e tA fiream ofbrimffone kindling it > Secondly;