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Chap, 1. AnExpolition upon the BookofJ OB. Verb, x9. 173 Secondly, Obferve here, from the circa of this winde, That a violent and fudden death, it it no argument ofGods an- ger or disfavour. Here all jobs children were deftroyed fudden- ly and violently, yet it was not in wrath towards the children, but for a triall unti t ie Father. When they told Chrift of borne whofe blond Pilate had mingled with their Sacrifices ; Thinknot ïuk.r3.r. ( faith he ) that either thefe or thole upon whom the Tower of Shi- loe fell and flew them , were firmer! above all men that dwelt in Jerufalem; I tell you, except ye Repent, ye (hall all likewifi pe- rifh. As there is no judging of the fins ofmen, by filch kinde of exigerrts and events, fo neither ofthe wrathof God ; yet how many by fuch appearances judge unrighteous judgements, being as barbarous as thofe Barbarians of. Malta , who teeing a $,3 coming out of the heat wadialiening on Pauls hand, they (cons, eluding he muff die prefently ) cenfured him tobe a murtherer,', whom though he had efc:tped the Sea, yet vengeance followed ail fhore, and would not ,fufer to live. We muff not ground our judgments upon the works of God, but upon his Word. In . externals _there is the fame event to all, Ecclef. 9. Men cannot be diftinguifhed for eternity by what they lutfer, but by what they doe ; not by the manner of their death, but by the tenour of their lives.. This is a certaine truth, That man can never dye an evill death, who bath led good life. There is nothing makes death evil!, but the evil] which followeth death, or the evill that goes before death. Thirdly, Here was death, a flrange and fudden death furprized the Children of job , and this whcu they were feafling, when they. were - eating and drinking Wine in their Eldeft Brothers bottle: We may obferve from that allo by way of admonition, Cbcifians had need to take heed, and be holy in feafting. While we are eating and drinking, we may be dying : therefore eating and drinking, we had need be holy. Take heed toyour felves (faithChrifl) left at any timeyour hearts be over-charged withfurfeiting anddrunkennefs gake heed leaJ1 atLuk.2x.34;' any time , becaufe at any time theday may come upon you unawares, . That day, whether it be a day of generali calamity , or perfonall, may come upon you unawares.. it becomes us to be holy inall t' mannerof converfation, though we had an affuranceofour lives But fecing in what manner ofconverting fo ever we be, deathmay furprife us, and we have no affttrance ofour lives in our greateft doyes,