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174 Verf. 19. An Expofition upon the Booi¿of J O B. Chap. ì. ¡oyes, how holy fhould we be ? Whether you eat or drinke ( faith Có the Apofile ) or whatfoever you doe, doe ail to the glory of God. 7eeha4. xi, Have Ged in your eye, lethim be your aime. his prophefied con- cerning the latter times, That everypot in Jerufalein and Judah pall be holinefs unto the Lord. The very pots in Jerufalem fhall be holy, that is, men at their pots (hall be holy, to note that they fhould beholy in their eatings, in their drinkings : not holy only when they were praying, and holy when they were hearing, but holy in thofe ordinary naturali actions of eating and drinking, holy at their Tables, aud,in -all their,efrefhíngs with the creature. Then indeed there is holinefs in the heart, when there is holinefs in the'pot, and'tis but need, therefbould be holinefs in thepot, when there may be death in thepot. Wemayobferve fomewhat more generally from all thefefour fore aflfif ions confdered together. ; As firfi, Wefee-how quickly the beauty of all worldly billing may be blafted, job in the morning had an dilate as great and as good as his heart could de- lire in worldly, things; there was luflreand ftrength in.and upon all he had,, but before night he had nothing but forrow to fup upon ; He had no retinue offervauts left, hut four referved only to report his lofíes. Inoneday all is gone. It is. added as an ag- gravation of Babylons down-fall, that herjudgement 'hall come upon her in one day, Revel. 18. 8. therefore(hall herplaguescome in one day, death and mourning,and famine, andfhe'hall be utterly burnt withfare, forfirong is the Lord Godwho judgeth her. In one day, all thebeauty ofBabylon f11all,be Wafted. - We need not now trouble our (elves to think Babylen, is in a great deal offlrength and beanty and glory; furely there mull be a long time (pent in contriving and, acing the defiruaion of Babylon s, no, the Lord canblafl her,beauty and defiroy her power in a dap, andthe Text faith, he will doe fo, in one day,all her plaguesfhailikomeaspon ber. That which pabylón hat.h beejr;gayhering many year fhall be fcattered in a nwwnaent. -She thinks that,by her wifdotne and lrcythe bath laid fuch a foundation of ber own greatnefs"as (hall never be shaken ; And therefore concludes , If t,a gLueen and etm aso widow, andAti:fe forrow,._Yt t all,hex,flrcugflvfhall not hold out one daj'a when g94,inlithis difiple4ine_'hall laydiegeíagaiull her walls.. So, hel} y,rlk 1312/4'419k4ei' great and xighty, fperóe,s and tloorith ngk enemies, f:ti- h as flouriffi like breed baÿ tree,remembe toe Lord inone,day e, n" wither theirbranches and kill