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i 86 Chap. Expofition An oti upon the Bookof j OB. ó. We will obferve fomething from thefe two actions, the renting ofhis garments,ánd the shavingofhis head. There refer to the ex- preflion ofhis forrow for thole ioffes in elate and the dcattz of his children : As the other two actions, his falling upon the ground, and worthipping, refer to the expreflion of that homage and ho- nour that he tendered up toGod in the midi of thefe forrowes. From thofe two as offurrow learn we, Firl, That when the handofGod is upon us, it becometh us to befenfible of it, and to be'humbled under it. Job hearing thefe fad relations, doth not laud out loutly,as ifnothinghad touch'd him: But to thew that furrow did even rend his heart, he rent his garments; to thew that hisafi1ion touch'd his fpirit, hefhaved his head. There are two extreams that we are carefully to avoid in times ofafieion : and theApoftle doch caution all the fous of God againl them both inone verf, Heb. 12. 5. My fon defpife not thou the chaftening of the Lord , nor faint when thou art rebukedof him. Thofe are two extreams , defpifzng and faint- ing when God doth corree. He would not have us defpife his chaílening, to fay, I do not regard this, let God take all ifhe will : Ifmy elate mutt go, let it go ; ifmy Children dye, let them dye, this isa defpifing ofthe chajtening of the Lord ; and God cannot bear it, that we should bear it thus lightly. There is another ex- tream, that is, fainting; if when goods are taken away , the heart be taken 'away ; and when children die, then the fpirit of the Parent dies too, this is a fainting. Takeheed of thefe two extreams. job walks in the middle , in the Golden meane be- tween them both. He doth not carelefly defpife, neither loth he unbelievingly faint : he rifeth up and herends 'his garments. He would have it known that he fainted not under the tiroak, and he wouldhave it known that he felt theíroak, be was not like a flock ora lone ; he would not carry it with a ftokal apathy, but with Chrillian fortitude and magnanimity. Senfelefs ones are taxed, Jeremiah 5.. 3. Thou haftftricken them, and they have not grieved. Such are compared by Solomon to him that lies down in the miditofthe Sea, or as he that lyeth uponthe top of a maft, fe- cure and carelefs in the greatel dangers. They have ftrickenme (halt thou fay, and I was not fiick, they have beaten me andI felt it not, Prov, 23. 34, 35 The Prophet Hofea reproves thelike. Strangers (faith he) have devoured bis f}rength, and he knoweth itnot yeagray haire: are here and there upon him, andbe knoweth it