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Chap. i. An Expofition'upon the Bobhof j Cj B. Vert: 20. z 87 it not,cap.7.9. That is,he is in an affli ±ed,in a declining condition, and yet he layeth it not toheart. A man may out of the greatnefs of hisfpirit (but not out of the carelefsnefs of his fpirit ) fay as' Luther once did, when things went very ill, If the Worldwill go thus , let it go thus. Otherwife it is a molt unbecoming temper tobe firickenof God, and not to tremble, at lealt to rake it toheart. When God afficieth us, then we fhould of lid our felves and be humbled : when Gods hand is upon us,our hands (in this fenfe) fhould be upon our felves : We muff bear our Crofs upon our backs,we mutt not make a fire of it to warm our hands. Indeed the Apoffleexhorts to rejoyce in tribulation, and it is an excellent thing to rejoyce in tribulation ; but we mull not flight, much lefs make a (port of tribulation. Rejoycing arifeth from a holy fatisfaílion that the foul hath in the dealings of God with us, but fleighting arifeth from an unholy consnnpt, or at the belt from a ftupid infenfiblenefs ofGods dealings vbTth us. The former hath in it the height of wickednefs, and the latter ''Rath not the leaft degree ofgoodnefs. It it no vertue to bear what we do not feel. Secondly,obferve, That in times of afi lion we may exprefs our forrows by out wardge(iures, by forrowfulgeftures. job was not only forrow- full, but he as forrow, he puts himfelfinto mourning poflures, he rents his garments, he (haves his head , down he falleth upon the ground. It isno hypocrifie to appear what we are : It is hy- pocrifie to appear what we are not. Weufe to fay, he mourneth truly that mourneth without a garment ; but if a man mourn in truth, a mourning garment is comely. To mourn in our cloathes and laugh inour fleeves,is both finful and bafe.Now Jobmourned indeed`; the (havinghis head and rentinghis garment was but to keep an outward correfpondence with what he was within. Therefore takeheed ofcenfuring thofe who in great forrows ufe forrowful geftures, ¡hiking upon their breafts,ttearing their haire, or the like. Only let all take heed of exceflive' and immoderate mourning ; mournnot like Rachel, who would receive no com- fort; mourn not like the Heathen who had no hope. To be a- bove pallions will beour happinefs inHeaven ; to rec`lifie paßîons is much of our happinefs on earth. Tobe without natural aff- olions, is to fall below a nian : to (leer and manage them, is one ofthe heightsofaChriftian. B b 2 ThirdIy-,