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-Chap. t. AnExpofition upon the BookófJ OB.. Vcrf zr föns ofmen and fous of rnen, but low and high. Junius tran- ilates to this fence, though in more words, as well they whoare born of mean merl , as they who are born of the.honoura- blc. A like inftance we have, Ifa.z.9. The mean man boweth dorm, and the great man humbleth himfelf. The mean man, that is., the fon ofAdam , and the great man, the Con of ìib ; the great man in regardofhis excellency, isby fhch a circumlocution de- fcrib'd to be more then a man: not only the fonofman, but.the fon' of an nondurable and great Man. - So I find. the., word divers times ufed to lignifie the excellency and greatnefs of the perfon. Then further it fignifieth, not only a man that is great, but it fignifieth a man in authority. There was a man, that is an ex- cellent man, a man ofworth ; There Was a man, that is,. is man in authority. It lignifies a Magiftraee, and fò in divers places of Scriptúre, Man is 'put for a Magi/irate, °efpecially when it is .expreft as here, by Ifh, :Gen. 43. i i. Carry a prefent to ; the man, fçil. To the Governour of the Country. Jer. 5. a. Co thorough Jerufalem and fearch, andfeeifyou can find. a_ man.. What were men fo fcarce in Jerufálem'at that time ? Was there Inch a dearth ofmen,. that Iinan.éould not be found ? Surely no. ferufalent had throngs of men in every freer. The meaning then is ex, plained in the. woids föllowing, if there be any that executeth fudgment, that is, if there be a Magi :Prate, a publick man,. that's kinean. SoinNumb. 27. 16. We find the word to lignifie a Magi- _irate.;,Let.the Lord,theGodofthe f irits of all flefh, fet a. man o- ver the Congregation. A. man, that is, a Magi)}rate; for there that's the bufinefs ; if you read the Text you will find -it,a man in authority, amanfit to rale.And that is it, which is meant in Atts 17..3 1., cuncernirg Chrilt. God(faith he) .bath appointeda day wherein he, will.judge the worldby.that man, whom he kath ordain- ed. It ü the man in power, in authority,. becaufe all power' in heaven and inearth.iscommitted to him. So you know Homer it was ufual. among the Romans to call their Magifirates by the begins with name of Themen, as the Triumviri, the Septemviri the Däorem= viri, to:call them-fometime t.hs ithree-men, fometime the.feven- "Pmt"'' men, fotmetitne the ten=men:: Tl ofe who were the f. ecial men inVirgil like P him,.firmavi- authority, that were men, and eminency, they carried a- rumque cano, D3 way.