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Chap. Y. An Expofftion upon the Bool¿,of J O B. Verf,-I; I have not found thy worksperfea. Not full, faith the' Greek Text,, There wanted fomewhat within. Sincerity is the fillingup ofall our duties. Without that, they are but empty founds, asfounding brafs, and as a tingling Cymbal. He was perfeii, that is, he was fincere. Obferve then, 2. Sincere and found-hearted perfons are in Gods efteem perfeel perfons. It is not all that you can do, or all that you can fay, or all that you can fuller, or all that you can lofe, that can make you perfeó in the elleemof God without fincerity ; add finceritybut to the leali, and it gives you the denomination of perfc . God accepts the very Goats hair, the leaft offering from one that is fincere, he accounts it a rich prefènt, and calls the prefenterperfcd ; but he will not receive the greatefi riches, whole droves of cattel for of- ferings, the greatefi and mightiefi fervices, from one that is un- found, Truth ofgrace is our perfeEtion here, in Heaven we (hall have perfeLiion as well as truth. Further, in that upon this perf'e lnefs and plainnefs of heart, there is prefently added uprightnefs : obferve from thence, a.. Where the heart isfincere towards God, the wages are :rift and hone/( before men. And 2. It is agreat honour, andan ornament unto our profefon of Godlinef:r, to be jufl and upright in our dealings toward men. This is put as a fpecial part of Jobs Excellency , that he was up- right, rcil. in his dealings. There is much fcandal call upon the profeflion ofthe Name ofGod through a defer in this.The world faith, there men profefs, they take the Name of God upon them, but they are as unanfwerab.le to their promifes, as unjufi in their tradings, &c. as anyother. Then make proof of your pe rfeCiion. in prole(lion, by the uprightnefs ófyour converfation. Perfect and upright, one thatfearedGod. Here we have fearing God, added to perfea and upright. Ob- ferve hence, I, Moral integrity andmorel honefily without thefear ofGod, eats never render us acceptable unto God. There are fore that pleafe themfelves in this,that they are plain hearted, (It is pollibie for a man in a fettle to be fo, and yet not to fear God) or they give every man his due, 6'c. There arc good. But.