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Chap. 1. -An ExpofitionUpon the BookofJ OB. VerC 5. 65 .the Apostle John) we have an Advocate with the Father, jefus Chrift the righteous, andhe is the propitiation fir our fins : He is the Propitiatory Sacrificefor our fins. It follows, According to the number of them all ] That is, he offered for eachof his Eons a Sacrifice. There were fotne Sacrifices which did ferve for the whole Congregation, as we may fee in Levit. 4. 13, 14. and in divers other Chapters of that Book.Befides there there wereperfonal Sacrifices, Levit. r. where the Laws about Sacri- fices are fetforth ; Ifany foul had finned,that particular foul mutt come to the Preift, and bring a Sacrifice for his fin. So here job Both not offer one general family-Sacrifice for them all , but he offereth up a diftinet particular. Sacrifice for every , particular fon. This teaches us, Firti, That every one is faxed andpardoned by the fpecial and particular aCfings of his own Faith 3 Every Soul mutt beleive for itfelt. Every onemutt have a Sacrifice.We haveCongregational pray-- -ers, and we have perfonal prayers ; now it is not enough for peo- ple to pray in publique with the Minifter,or for the Minifter(who is themouthof the Congregationto God) to offer up a prayer tor the pardonofthe people:But every one muff apart and by himfelf fue out his own pardon,which is,as it were, his own facrilice, by offering up and tendering ofJefiis Chrift unto God for the pardon ofhis fins. Then again you maynote, in that Job offered aSacrifice for every one ofhis Cons, That it is not enoughfor Parents to pray in general for their children,but they ought toprayparticularlyfor them. As Parents who have many children,provide portions according to thenumber ofthem all,and proportionout their care perfonally according to the number of them all, and in the Family they pro- vide meat and clothing, according to the particular number of themalhSo likewife they ought tobeat a proportionable expence in fpirituals,to lay out and lay up prayers and interceÍhons,accsrd- ing to the number ofthem all ; not-only to pray in general , that God would biefs their children and family, but even to fet than one by one before God, and fo be and fue out .a fpecial Melling up- oi -the headofevery oneofthem, is without all quells Job did, when the Sacrifice for every fon was made, he lent up a prayer to God for thepardonand acceptance of :°verylfon.That for thy open