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Chap. 1. AnExpofition upon the Book of J OB. Verf. 6. Sr come and relent themfelves before God, when they come upon fore fpecial bufinefs, or uponCome fpecial occalion. As it is with us here upon the Earth, we are never out of the pretence of God for, Pfal. 139. Whither fhai'l Igo from thy pretence ? Y et. when we come to pray,and are inother holy duties,weare laid to pre(nt ourfelves before God, and to draw near unto God; and G,4 is Jäid to drawnear unto us at Inch a time, and yet God is ever with us, and we ever with him, So when it is faid here, that die Angels came and prefented ehe?nfelves before the Lord, it noteth pnly this, their readíuefs either to givean account ofwhat they had done; or to receive díreetions fromGodwhat,to do. -File Angels are molt willing .togo about the. fervice and work of God,and that is all that is here meant by their prefenting themfelves before the Lord,for otherwifc they are ever in his prefence,as Lu;`o,.1.19.21ie Angel anfwered and faid, I am Gabriel that ffand in abcc . prefence of God, and amfent. tofpeak unto thee., I am Gabriel that itand, he (peaks iì the prefent time,even now while I am fpcaking unto thee, jffand in the Frefence of God. The Angel while he goeth in- to the world,is not abfent from God,he beholdeth the face of God always. The School-men have an odd diftinhion, they fay there are affiffing.ingels,.and there are mnnifiring Angels : Thotè An- gels that arc afiifiants hand always before God, and never are Cent out about the world upon any occafìon : Others are miuiftring fpirits, as Heb, 1. 14. Are they not, miniffringfpirits 'lent forth to meni ter for than who are the heirs offalvation ? This is íchool Dodriue. But thereneeds no fuch di./finelion ofTome to be affilt- ing or attending, and Come to be miniftring Angels , for whereto- ever theyare, they are always in the pretence ofGod : and their prefenting themfelves before God,notes only t:aeir preparednefs to attend the Lords fervice in whatfoever he fhall employ them. AndSatan came alfo among them, That is,the chiefofthe evilAngels,as it is conceivedThe word (Sata,t) fighifieth an Adverfary,and fo it is oftee timcs applyed to men ; as concerning Solomon, it is faid,that while he didwalk ex- aetly with God, there mas neither adverfary nor evil occurant t üng.5> . t0e.w-)r i ìn , Original there was no Satan in his Kingdom; and I 1ç:it is faid, 2äe Lord lfirred up Satan an A>vc-j«>y ' n ï`.rd that accufàtion which "thole i,4 .wretches