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V Chap. t. An Expofitionupon the Bool¿,ofJ O B. Verf. 6. wretches in Ezra q.. fent againfl the building of Jerufalem, is called Sitna, they font Sitna an accufation or an oppofìng letter. It comes from the fame root, anykind of oppoíition is called Sìtna.frorri Satan, who is an oppofer. It is fometimes; ufed more generally concerning any oppofìtion, as the Angel that came to oppofc Balaano, Num. 22. 34. I wig not (faith Balaam) that there was an adverfary that.loodin the way. But how can it be faid that Satan lhould come among_ the foes ofGod ? I fàid before that it was but an aliúding fpeech to the dealings ofmen in their fèflions and affemblies, and there is no neceflity to make every particular hold. We may conceive it thus. Satan came alfo among them. It isnot faid, that the fons of God and Satan came and prefen- ted then-delves before the Lord ; Satan did not joyn himfelf in with them. Satan did not offer himfelffor any good fervice : but thither hecame, being fo ordered by the overruling power of God. But can Satancome into the pretence of God ? No otherwife then a blind man can come into the Sun : he comes into the Sun, and the Sun lhineth upon him,bur he fees not the Sun. Satan comes fo into the pretenceof God , that he is al- ways teen of God; he is never fo in the prefence of God as to fee God. It is queflion'd whether the lapfcd Angels ever faw God at all while they food ; becaufe if they had teen God, it is con- ceived that vilion would have been their confirmation. But it is moil certain that the lapfed Angels fnce their fall never faw God, nor ever fhalhthough it be faid here Satan came among the fans ofGod; you know what. the Apoffle Jude teacheth, That the devils Dept not theirplace, but are refereed in chains of dark: refs againf,the judgment of the great day. We [hall open that afterward, when we come to fpeak of his compiling the earth, how he doth compafs theearth, and yet is referved in chains of darknefs. But I fay, there is his feat., there is his place, and all that is fpokenofhint in this, Both not infer any the leali glimpfe or fruition of God or communion with the. Angels. In regard of his nature, he is fill a fpirit ; but in regard of his fin he is a mite- rabic fpirit, he bath loft his exc.11,ncy, though he hathnot his nature