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Chap. I. An Expojition upon the BookofJ OB. Vert. 6. 83 nature. And being a fpirit, he loath power to pars and repafs,to go up and down the world, to afcend and defeend at his pleafure(as good Angelsmay and can) when God doth permit him. We fee here the good Angels are called thefins of God ; in this learn, the priviledge ofBeleivers, they partake with the Angels in this title ; theApoille faith, Beholds sat manner oflove theFather bat hfhewed, that wefhould be called the fans 'ofGod; if you would know what manner oflove it is,it is as great as the Angels in Hea- ven have:Chrilt took not upon him the nature ofAngels,but lath given us the honour,ofAngels. Fallen Angels could not (hare with us in the benefit ofRedemption,but we (hare with the Angels that flood in the priviledge of Son-fhip.We are the Cons ofGod as well as they,and in fomewhat beyond them ; t hey are created tons, but not (as we)adopted tons. Came andprefented themfelves before God. This should teach us to imetate Angels ; this we pray for, That the will ofGod fhould be done on Earth, as it is done in Heaven. The Angels always prefent themrelves,'they always {land before God, ready to do his will ; We fhould be ever in the pretence of God in this fence,that is; prefenting our felves, flooding as in the pretence of God, readyto take and receive inflrudiou, to do his will, whatever it is. Lord,what wilt thou have me to do ? is as it were the.voicÇof an Angel flooding before the Throne ofGod.It fhould bethe voiceof every foul, Lord, what wilt Thou have me to do ? This is the prefenting of the foul before God. Then confider here who Satan was ; Satan was as good in his Creation, as anyofthole who are called the fats ofGod. They are called the fons of God; and he is now callednothing but Satan an adverfary. His condition was once as good ás theirs. Note hence, There is no created excellency, but ifit be left to it felf, will quick- ly undo it Pelf. Thefe Angels were as good at the firli as any ofthole that were here called the fòns of God. They were not confirmed, they flood. won theirown bottome,they fell and had no tempterat all they turned about upon the freedome of their own will, and left their habitation (faith the Scripture.) There is no trailing to an ejtate out of Chrif?-. Further, note this, what was the differencebetween thole fons ofGodand this Satanlonly fin;one wasas good as the other in the M 2 Crea-