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104 Chap. 3a. 4n t;xpofition upon the Book of J o B. Verf,ts, They anfwered no more , they teft off fpeak!ng, or Speechwas departed from them ; there is a two-fold Epofi- i l nvm q:c1 tion ofthat fpeech (they left offpeaïeing) Some underfland it ab Os abláta paflively, like that ( Luke 52. 2o.) This night (hall thy Pile be fpnt verk. required, or taken from thee ; thou fhalt not freely deliver it but it (hall be fnatcht from thee ; So here, their fpeech was ta- ken-from them; or by an unanfwerable conviaion, filence was impofed upon them. Mr Broughton renders ; They doefpeakena more,'fpeeches be departed from them. How can they fpeake from whom fpeech is departed. We tranflate actively, they leftof(peaking, as implying a vo- luntary a&,they gave a flop to themfelves ; either they were not able, or it was not fit for them to fay any more. The Hebrewis, They removedfpeech from themfelves , and fäbecame as filent as if they could not fpeake at all. They were as- mute as fifties. The following verfebeing of the fame fence, I flail open that . before I give the óbfervations from this. - Stare pro sere Verf. -i 6. When Ihad waited ( for they fpake not butfloodfill, and anfwered no more ) lob waited hoping they would fpeak fomewhat worthy of themfelves, worthy -of . that opinion and reputation which they a- had in the world for wifdome, but they deceived his expeCiati- He could not have nor heare a word more from them.. This Elihuputs into á parenthefis ( far they fpake not , but flood frill, and anfteered no more) He Meth many words to the fame pur- pofe, to thew that there was fornewhat exrtaordinary in their fi- lence ; They fpake not, their tonguesflood Hill. As fpeech is the image cf the mind, and from the aboundance of the heart, fo it is by the Motion of the tongue. If the tongue {land 'frill , dif- courfe,is flayd. Their mouths were fiopt, as being either unable or ai gamed to urge their accufations and arguments any fnrther. TheyHoodfrill and anfwered no more. It is laid of thofe forward accufers of the woman taken in adultery (John 8.9. ) That be- ing Cenvilied 6y their owne Ce fcience, theywent away one by one ; they fnruinke away, having not aword to reply ; And fo did jobs friends, who while they flood fill , carried it as men unwilling tobe heard or feeneany more upon the place.They wereanrazec, &c. Fir{},