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Chap. 32. An Expsftisn upon the Bookof J o B. Verf. 16. ros Firft , Hence note. amazement unfits to for argument. Where wondering begins, difputing ends. Theywere amazed, they anfweredno more. Secondly, Note. The fame men are Jòmetimes fo changed, that they can fcarcely be kiowne to bethefame men. Eliphaz, fayd ( Chap: 4. z.) Who can withhold himfelfe from fÿeak'ng ? He was fo forward that he could -no_ be kept from words, but now he had not a word in his keeping, fpeech was withheld, or departed. Thirdly , Note. Falfegrounds orps itions, cannot be alwayes maintaio'd. God will fuppiy bah Matter and fo-me,arguments and words, tocon irme his owne ti t.rh ; they who a -e in the right, thali not want rea on to back ir: but they who are in the moron;,mayquick- ly find a flop , and have no more to fay. The Apofiles were weake, becaufe unwilling in a bad caule (a Cor: 13. á. ) the can doe nothingasainsî the truth, but for the truth ; and they who are willing to b gaìnif the truth , shall be weake and not able long to doe any Thing againfi it (They fpake no more) as God givesa banner, ( that is, outward power) to them that fearehina, that it may be difplayed, becaufe ofthe truth ( Pfal: 6o. q..) Sohe gives wifdome andunderflanding ( that is,inward power ) for the maintaining of the truth. In thy mujefty ride profperoufly becaufe of the truth (Pfal: 45.4.) As Chrif# who is truth, and the giver forth of truth, fo they who are undertakers for truth, fhall ride and profper. Truth may be borne downe by power, and out-fac'd by impudence, but it cannot be overcome. Never feare to under- take a good Caufe ; and ever feare to undertake abad oue, for it will befur'd at lag. Truth may be oppoteri , but truth-defenders fhall never be afhamed , nor want a tongue to fpeake for it. Chrifi (Math: io. 17. ) warnes his Difciples what entertain- ment they were like to find in the world ; They (hall deliver you up to Rulers, ye ¡hall be brought before Cgovernours and Kings for my fake ; But he withal! encourageth them ; Take no thought P what