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II , ao6 Chap. 32. An Expo(ìtion upon the Book, of J o B. Verf.i6 ívhat ye fhall'peak, or what ye'hall anfwer. For force might fay, What if we fhould be called inqueilion for the truths of the Go- fpel ? we are willing to burne for them ( as that Martyr faid) bt t we feare we cannot difpute for them.. Well, faith Chrtil, take no thought what you (hall (pea, for it fkall be given you in the fame houre. God himfelfe by his Spritwill prompt you, he will whif- per fuch things into sour cares, as all your oppolers í1u11 not be able twgainfay. Indeed we fee fore men of corrupt minds, and reprobate concerning the truth ( as the Apoflle gives their Cha- ra6ler) who have courage enough to feu forth lyes , and flander the truth, who flraine their wits to the utmoll, and ( as thePro- phet fpeakes, ( Ter :. 9. 3. ) bend their tongues lilt their bow for lyes. But let them remember what the Apofllejfayd of fuch as they (2Tim: 3. û.) Nyw m 7annes and Tambres withfloodMo- (es, fo doe theft alfo refafl the truth; but ( v. 9.) they fiallproceed nofurther, for their follyfballbe made manifefl to all men ;That is, fhortly all fhall fee that rhefe men havebut playd the fooles : we may fay of all thole who hold wild taunting opinions, they Ihall proceed no further, though they ac`I highly agamfl the truth now, yet flay but a while, and they will have nothing to anfwer or,returne, they will have emptied their quiver, and quite fpent. theirpowder, youTall heere no more of them. From that 16th verfe, where Elihu addeth, [waited.( for they pake not but flood;flill,and anfwerednomore ) Obferve , Firfl. It is our wifdome and our duty toflay our time before weput our felves out upon bufinefs. It is good to wait; God himfelfe is not hafly upon us , he waits tobe gracious, and we mull wait our feafon to be fervice- able ; Elihu didnot prefently engage. The providences ofGod, and the Exigency of things, mull put us on, we muff not put our -(elves on. Chrifi tells us ( Math: 9, 38. ) The harvefl is great, and the labourers few, pray therefore the Lord of the harveft that he would thruflforth labourers into his harveft ; he dothnot fay, pray that labourers would thrufl forth themfelves into the harvest', or run into it before they are fent, but pray the Lord of the har- veil; that he would thrufl forth labourers ; that is, that hewould powerfully encline their hearts to the worke, whom he fie