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Chap. 3z. An Expofition upon the Boo/Zof J`o s. Verf. 17. 107 fitted and `prepared for it. And as untill we are, at leaf}, both competently prepared, and fairely enclined to that or any other good worke, 'tis belt for us to Waite ; fo when once we are pre- pared and enclined, 'tis bell for us , without delay , to fet upon the worke ; Elliott did fo, as appeares in the next verfe. Verf. 17. I Paid alfo I will anfwer my part, I will 'hewmy opinion. Now Elihu addreffeth tohis worke, his duty ; and in this with the verfes following to the end of the Chapter, we have, rí1, his refolvedneffe to fpeak, I faid I will anfwer for mypart, &c. Se- condly, his ability, readinefs and furniture to fpeake (v. t 8.) For I am full ofmatter, &c. Thirdly, we have the motives that prell him to fpeak, or that hewas exceedingly prell to it in the latter end of the 18th verfe, as alto v, 19, 20. Myfpirit within me Con flraineth me. Beholdmy belly is as wine which hash no vent, &c. I will fpeake that Imay be refrefhed. Fourthly, in the two IAver- fes, he tells us what caution, yeawhat confcience he meant to ufe in fpeaking ( v. ao.) Letme not Ipray you accept anymans per- fon : neither let megive flattering titles untoman, &c. I faid I will anfwer for my part, &c. Now you have done, I will begin ; thofe words, Ifaid, are not in the Hebrew text explicitely, yet are well underfiood. I will anfwerfor mypart, that is, ( as fore conceive, the force of the phrafe ) I will anfwer with my flrength, and might, I will put my 11 Iad q uod ott- oulders to it ; but better Grammarians conclude,that the word imports, Amans (hare or portion inany worke tobe done, rather pepi antur then'the flrengrh which the workman ufeth or puts forth in doing pro mea virild it. And fothe fence is plaine, as if Elihuhad faid,they have done parse aut pro their part, theyhave gone to the urmofl of their line ; nowI fee viribur, latind it falls tomy turne to fpeak, and I will do what falls tonay turn, é ad I will anfwer alto for mypart. germañuatn nt vo- 'I alfo will Phew my opinion. cis fignfi'catie- nein. Pined: We had thefe words in the negative at the 6thvetfe ;, There Elihss fayd, I was afraidand duril. not fhiew you my opinion ; But here, as alfo before (v, a o,) Elihu had taken courage and was P 2 refol-